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#Fastlane Fuels WrestleMania Buzz. Creative Continuity Be Damned!

#Fastlane Fuels the main event WrestleMania Buzz; Creative Continuity Be Damned says WWE when it comes to some of the storytelling.


KOP validates the claim and explains how all of the major changes being made to storylines like the Ronda Rousey heel turn, the Shield reunion and the Kevin Owens/ Kofi Kingston dynamic, can be given some benefit of the doubt.

Plus, KOP previews and predicts Fastlane this weekend, plus news on Dean Ambrose, Tomasso Ciampa, and a tribute to King Kong Bundy.

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Will Kevin Owens and Braun Strowman Succeed in the FastLane to WrestleMania 33?

Will Kevin Owens and Braun Strowman Succeed in the FastLane to WrestleMania 33? KOP evaluates the pushes and offers his take on the bully and the brute.

Plus, we look at where things are going for the rest of the FastLane card. KOP makes the case why Owens should not drop the WWE Universal title to Goldberg and why Braun Strowman is being pushed in the right direction.

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WWE Cost-Cutting, Creative Micro-Managing Makes For Flat FastLane

WWE Fastlane looks to be a two-match PPV with Reigns/Bryan and Cena/Rusev. The way the matches line up does not make fans excited for Wrestlemania. Let me explain how my headline holds water.


I’m sure we have all exhausted our opinions on how we think the Roman Reigns/Daniel Bryan match should pan out, but the cost-cutting of the WWE in terms of limiting the amount of appearances Brock Lesnar can make takes away a lot from a great story to this match.


Yes, we did get two appearances from Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar on RAW leading up to this match, but you would think creative should have still kept some focus on Lesnar to help get some of the heat off of Reigns the same way they are trying to get heat on Daniel Bryan.


The same thing could be said about Seth Rollins, where yet another layer of storyline could have been brought in by simply letting Seth brag and goad Lesnar, Reigns and Bryan about possibly cashing his Money in the Bank briefcase, keeping his main event spot relevant.

Finally, nothing about this year’s Road to Wrestlemania feels special. No Occupy Yes Movement, No compelling produced video packages or interviews. Well, they still do have 5 weeks left. -KOP