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Hell in A Cell Collapses to Smackdown Spotlight and Upcoming Draft

Hell in A Cell Collapses with a RAW-tastic card. WWE sacrificed the PPV for the focus on Smackdown, the upcoming draft, and the Wednesday Night Wars.

KOP dissects the developments and the direction of WWE as a result of this week. He also discusses how wrestling’s resurgence to TV comes at a point solely by desperation and a viewer’s escape for a once-popular guilty pleasure.

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WWE Summerslam 2019: Seth Shocks Beast; Bray Brilliantly Booked

WWE Summerslam 2019 has Seth Rollins shocking the Beast Brock Lesnar again. Bray Wyatt is brilliantly booked. KOP breaks down the outcomes.

WWE Summerslam 2019

Aside from the brilliant booking of Bray Wyatt WWE Summerslam 2019 and Seth reclaiming the Universal title, storylines had a bit more substance than most pay-per-views.

WWE has started the changes that Paul Heyman has instituted. The card with hall of fame stars and veterans helped. This is all part of WWE rebuilding its main roster.

WWE Summerslam 2019 will pale in comparison to the Christmas-like Wrestlemania back in April. WWE must continue to build new main eventers in time for October. For that Summerslam had to stay static, and the crowd won’t like it.

Plus, KOP recaps NXT Takeover Toronto 2. The show did deliver great matches, but does NXT’s direction really hurt WWE for their future call-ups?

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Bray Wyatt a Bright Spot In WWE Offseason Mediocrity

Bray Wyatt is a Bright Spot In WWE Offseason Mediocrity. KOP unpacks the reboot of the eater of worlds and why the gimmick is destined to work.

Plus, KOP rants about the many habits that keep happening as part of the WWE offseason. Why does WWE refuse to address the issue? WWE looks ready to move the Smackdown live brand to Fox with improvements. RAW is now vulnerable thanks to the SuperStar Shuffle (not Shakeup).

The question posed in this episode is this. Are the major independents are doing enough to take advantage of the lack of entertainment in wrestling that we expect WWE to give us?

KOP shares his thoughts on the Viceland docu-series, the Dark Side of the Ring”.

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