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Impact Wrestling Basks in Brilliantly Booked Bound For Glory #BFGCOMDA

Impact Wrestling Basks in Brilliantly Booked Bound For Glory with a very stiff world title match that crowns a new champion in Johnny Impact.

 Bound For Glory

Plus, Bound For Glory takes us into the undead realm and the concrete jungle and starts off with a stunning spotfest of a curtain jerker. We also look into the tumultuous status of WWE Crown Jewel.

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Impact Wrestling Has Finally Started to Learn From Past Mistakes

Impact Wrestling

From the first tapings at the Manhattan Center in New York City last June, Impact Wrestling and TNA overall finally started to make the very long and arduous turn back to becoming a better wrestling promotion. They have started to make the turn back into a respectable promotion and have stopped the bleeding of negativity that have clotted  the company since the promising days of the 60-minute adrenaline rush.

Impact Wrestling

Ironically, TNA is back to where it was back in 2006, but they have basically not made any progress. I’m not going to list all the mistakes this company has made: Hogan/Bischoff, Vince Russo, Aces and Eights, Immortal , Orlando Jordan, we remeber and cringe at them all.

Remember when Mick Foley was general manager during the rebranding of Impact Wrestling with the slogan, “Where Wrestling Matters”, and only years later that the promotion has inadvertently gone back to an old school philosophy.

The World Heavyweight title picture has had Lashley holding the belt for 256 days, restoring validity and prestige back to the belt. Kurt Angle as new world champion only reinforces the importance of the title in the company. The Wolves as tag team title holders got elevated with the titles given all of their great matches with Team 3D and the Hardys. Even with the forfeit of their belts last week, TNA has been smart to give a lot of focus to a tag team tournament to crown new champions by including some of their main event talent in the mix including the Hardys, EC3 and Austin Aries.  Then there’s the Knockout title picture with a returning Awesome Kong, Gail Kim and champion Taryn Terrell.

Impact Wrestling

Promos and backstage segments have been scaled back and more TV time is spent in the ring. TNA has made the most of a huge step back from getting dropped by Spike TV and landing on Destination America. They have used their roster effectively, they have cut costs from the taping schedule to the elimination of house shows.

Although they have lost more than half of their audience from the TV move, TNA does have a chance to monetize from their situation by coming back to pay per view for Slammiversary this summer and Bound for Glory in the fall.

TNA has been very smart with their booking of their television show and more notably their main event matches each week, they are well positioned to make some waves with a limited number of live pay-per-views once again.

Staying the current course, TNA’s growth back to a million viewers from last year will probably take more than a year, but at least their course is back on track. -KOP


Lazy WWE Wrestlemania Booking Screams of TNA and Bound For Glory

KOP WIR ITUNES 2015-300WWE and Lazy Wrestlemania Booking Screams of TNA and Bound For Glory as KOP and Jeremy G debate with Four weeks left  till Wrestlemania,  we have only two matches officially announced and final, two unimportant mullti-man matches and an over-controlling (and mostly aging) heel faction similar to Immortal. We discuss the lack of emotional investment into each match on the card.  We analyze  what’s been done right with the Lesnar/ Reigns, Triple H/Sting, John Cena/Rusev and Orton/Rollins feuds.
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