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WWE Crown Jewel Cash Grab; Part-Timer Purge At Saudi Prince Request

WWE Crown Jewel Cash Grab and Part-Timer Purge At the Saudi Prince’s Request as  Big Show, Rey Mysterio, and an unretired Shawn Michaels and a reunited DX come back to TV.

WWE Crown Jewel

KOP rants about the lasting effects of the cash grab and apology to women PPV in Evolution is doing to the company. He also discusses how this only helps the further growth of the major independents.

Plus, KOP confronts opposing arguments regarding the Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory PPV this weekend.

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WWE Extreme Rules Post: Seth Rollins is Officially Edge


WWE Extreme Rules Post: Seth Rollins is Officially Edge; No More Need For Big Show, Kane or Extreme Rules PPVs. Big Show is Booked into the exact same finish of his previous Last Man Standing match. Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper booked into a needless match. Subscribe to the Wrestling is Real Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. Please support the Wrestling is Real Podcast by doing your Amazon shopping through our website, AmazonisReal.com. Portions from all purchases will go to support the show. Also, check out or archived shows, plus the latest news headlines and the Wrestling is Real Blog, as well as click on the banners and support our sponsors by going to our website, KingofPodcasts.com.