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Reality of a New Era in WWE is here; Post- WrestleMania Crowds Wake Up


WrestleMania XXX served as the turning point of WWE. The change at the top is imminent. The plans out in place several years ago with the new WWE Performance Center and the revamp of their developmental NXT division has started to reap some profitable rewards.

The John Cena”measuring stick” promo Friday night in Smackdown could not have explained it better.


The coming out party for Bo Dallas, Paige, Alexander Rusev and Adam Rose in front of the Raw after WrestleMania crowd was amazing, but now its time for not just the smart crowds.

So I’m calling out to WWE fans in Birmingham (Alabama), Baltimore, Louisville, St. Louis, Greenville, Knoxville and Indianapolis. Start catching up on your NXT, and open your eyes  to the new “reality”.

Undertaker and CM Punk are probably not coming back, Brock Lesnar will probably take some time off and the likes of Big Show, Kane and Mark Henry cannot stay on top anymore. So, let’s get behind all these new stars. Keep the cheers loud and deafening for Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, the Shield and the Wyatt Family, and get these NXT folks over.-KOP


WWE Calling Up NXT Talent to Fail During WrestleMania Season


For some reason, NXT superstars are being brought up to the WWE main roster prematurely in the most inopportune of times: WrestleMania season. 

I’m sure the likes of Xavier Woods (although technically debuted November 18th), Alexander Rusev and most recently Emma, are thrilled to be called up after spending years at FCW and then NXT. 


So far, Xavier Woods has been thrown into an old tag team scenario with a friendly face, his TNA Truth and Consequences partner R-Truth. Unfortunately, he has been buried in several matches with a turned heel Brodus Clay who will not be seeing any air time until either after WrestleMania or never due to being future endeavored. Then he has been placed in the endless cycle of parity booking with the likes of Fandango and Jack Swagger. Doesn’t make this double PHD look too smart. 


No doubt, Alexander Rusev is one of those big guys that VInce and Hunter could not wait to bring up, no matter how green he still is. So far, he got in the Royal Rumble match for a cup of coffee. He was thrown out by the new IT guy Roman Reigns and then quickly forgotten seconds later after Kofi Kingston did his annual acrobatic trick to get back into the ring. Now, WWE is doing simple vignettes until his Raw or Smackdown debut. So far, there is no buzz around him, but there is still a chance to see what can become of the the Bulgarian Brute. 


The Emma-lution has probably received the worst entrance into the WWE Universe this past Monday night, finally pulled out of the stands by Santino Marella (probably the best person to help support Emma in her debut with the crowd since he’s gotten to work with her in NXT in what was a really good mixed tag match with Fandango and Summer Rae.)

With a only a few sightings in the crowd and no help from the commentators, (it’s not the hokey pokey Lawler) Emma went out and did her dance in front of Omaha. Omaha definitely did not take to the dance like her loyal fans at Full Sail and the NXT Arena. 

I believe that the success of the Shield debut last Royal Rumble has given WWE management the impression that they can prematurely call up talent year-round. But in the case of these three, I think WWE is trying to throw them all into the deep end to sink or swim after holding on them for more than three years each in developmental.

It’s actions like this where I’m afraid the WWE Performance Center will become more of an assembly line than a place where talent can cultivate and hone their skills to become the next WWE Superstar.