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Why NXT Delights WWE Fanbase, But Doesn’t Draw New Fans (500th Episode)

KOP celebrates episode 500 and discusses why NXT delights the WWE Fanbase, but doesn’t draw new mainstream fans.

Here is a recent tweet and a few notes I put together for this episode:

NXT was made an equal all through the #SurvivorSeries build. But, they exposed one of the things most #WWE Superstars are not able to do. WORK THE CROWD!

Lack of promos and in-ring storytelling to ENGAGE THE CROWD.

#NXT has a lot of talented wrestlers that made their name from Ring of Honor, Impact, PWG or some other esteemed promotion here and abroad. Besides I’d say Kevin Owens, Tommasso Ciampa and possibly include Adam Cole, who else on that roster can WORK A CROWD.

That is why #WWE does not resonate with mainstream fans.

NXT Takeover was the kitchen sink. Hungry underpaid undervalued stars are killing themselves no less than they would have in the Indies.
Triple H has built out one of the best indie promotions in the world but that’s not what NXT was supposed to be built for.

WWE is bringing in great wrestlers, but will never resonate to the main roster. There is nothing and no one being developed.
 Wrestlers are getting an amplified presence which will only benefit any other promotion outside of WWE.

There is no choice but to elevate them to the main roster to add to an already bloated mid-card.

NXT cannot keep up this level of wrestling. The crowd is desensitized. When the wrestlers have to kill themselves to get a show over to a crowd like Chicago that’s alarming.

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WWE SuperFans vs AEW Disciples and The Real Wednesday Night War

WWE SuperFans vs AEW Disciples are battling it out in the town square of social media. KOP examines the lines drawn by the Real Wednesday Night War.

WWE Superfans

KOP here, these are some notes I scribbled down after watching some serious Twitter tirades by fellow wrestling fans.

Everyone that watches wrestling goes on Twitter has this growing attitude. It’s about how my WWE is better than your AEW.

Everyone wants to fight, bully, moan, bitch, and complain about the other’s product like they’re provoking a school-yard fight.

It’s clear that some of the WWE or else fans are very upset and bitter. Establishment wrestling is being outsmarted by a new promotion closer to their own size.

The fans that celebrated victory from the Monday Night Wars are triggered. Triggered by the fact that nearly 20 years later another promotion out of nowhere takes the spotlight off of their beloved product. But, they’re upset because they know they have been falling them for over a decade.

Let’s sit on the fence and identify what’s wrong with both sides of the argument. Plus, Jordan Myles quits and CM Punk returns.

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NXT Lifesaver for Wandering WWE Product; AEW Full Gear Preview

NXT throws a lifesaver to help make waves to the wandering WWE Product. Plus, KOP previews and makes predictions for AEW Full Gear.

NXT Lifesaver

WWE looks to build momentum for the TV product by further propping up NXT to add credibility to a malignant main roster. KOP examines how WWE is pulling out its Attitude era playbook for positive results.

Plus, we look at the build to AEW Full Gear and comment on the movements being made by the major independents.

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