Support For WWE Is At An All Time Low, And It’s Not Just The Fans That Are Upset.

WWE has done some very deplorable things in the past. Forthe most part, the fans excuse these things, move on from them & continueto watch every week. I’ve been a fan of WWE for a long time and have looked
passed a lot of things that they’ve done. But it’s becoming more & more
difficult to forgive them. What makes it even worse is that now the talent
themselves are retaliating.


Negligence & Politics



I think every wrestling fan knows by now the situation
between CM Punk & WWE. It’s been over a year yet since the incident but
people continue to talk about it. Not only did he bring up the medical negligence
from WWE doctors but also shed some light on other pressing issues that fans
had been suspicious of for years. I may not agree with everything Punk said but
the fact that he said what he said almost 10 months after everything happened
say to me that there’s some truth to his words. After all he is the “voice of
the voiceless”.


Racial Discrimination



Racism or racial discrimination is a very hot button topic
in today’s society. Unfortunately it is everywhere & much more visible
thanks to the internet. This topic hits home for me so I was very disheartened
when former Hispanic superstars Alberto Del Rio & the original Sin Cara speak
out about the racism & discrimination they faced backstage. The WWE is a
global company that caters to an audience of so many diverse cultures &
backgrounds that it’s shameful that they would feel the need to put someone
else down because of this skin color or what language they speak.


Gender Inequality



The women’s rights movement has been ongoing for decades.
Recently within the past year or so, it has picked up significantly with more
& more people speaking out against the inequalities between males &
females. So for WWE to continue to shun the women & make them such an
insignificant part of the current product & relegate them to a reality show
that caters to the lowest common denominator is just unacceptable. The fact
that they are called “divas” is already an insult to the women of the past that
paved the way like The Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, Trish Stratus, & Lita.
These women deserve better, especially shows like Lucha Underground & NXT
prove that women can not only put on great matches, but be smart & good
looking. There is no excuse.

While there are aspects that I still like about WWE such as
NXT & the WWE Network as a whole, it’s very hard for me to justify even
watching anymore. WWE has a long way to go to rectify the wrong that is going
on in the company. I will still watch because I’m still as fan & as a fan
you have to have hope that things will change. Hope that things will get better
because if you don’t, why are you even watching?

– Jeremy G