Sting in WWE … It Wasn’t Worth It For Sting

When it comes to Sting in WWE, aside from a well-deserved WWE Hall of Fame Induction, he never needed to have a run in WWE.

Sting in WWE

Before I get on to my reason why I made the above statement, here’s the latest news from WrestleZone.

Last week reported that soon-to-be WWE Hall of Famer Sting is retiring from in-ring wrestling, however, TMZ cameras recently caught up with Sting, who had the following to say about the retirement report:

“My neck is okay. I’m not officially retired. There’s a lot of rumors out there, but I’m not officially retired.”

sting 2
Regardless if he is “on the record” officially retired or not , his run in WWE has not done him justice. I think it has tarnished the legacy that he had made prior to signing with WWE.

Say what you want about his run with TNA, the facts are in comparison to his run in WWE:

  • Sting rarely if ever got injured in the 10 years he performed in TNA.
  • Sting was treated as a main eventer with the respect he was due coming from his run in NWA/WCW.
  • Sting probably got paid better for the bulk of his time in TNA.


Sting will only earn the Hall of Fame berth that I think the WWE would have given him eventually down the line. Basically taking the pin for the likes of Triple H and Seth Rollins only to be left to deal an injury that will hamper him from now on.

A WrestleMania appearance and a Hall of Fame induction…I’m sorry, but it wasn’t worth it. I would have preferred he never came in to WWE at all, because I’m not of the IWCs opinion that the best wrestlers in the world must have a run in WWE for them to matter. -KOP

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