Shane McMahon: WrestleMania Band Aid

Shane McMahon returning to WWE has definitely brought back the WrestleMania buzz that had been lacking, but it still doesn’t take away that booking him against Undertaker inside a Hell in a Cell is simply a band-aid.

Shane McMahon

Some of the IWC is speculating that Shane is a pawn for a different opponent for the Undertaker which could be so, but I don’t see who else is available to take on the “Dead Man”.

The underlying message of this return is that WWE did not have a solid contingency plan which has been the constant problem regarding the managing of the main roster and their television product.


Guess I’ll be the first person to say the unpopular opinion that some of the matches that have been setup for The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar are underwhelming. Bringing back a McMahon was merely a last resort, and even that is a smoke screen made to get fans dreaming of the Attitude Era and the kinds of gimmicks and plunder that could come from making credible opponents out of Shane McMahon and Dean Ambrose.


But hey, who am I to rain on the IWCs parade so that they can hope and dream that WWE will not let their fans down by delivering a sub-par WrestleMania.

The problem is the dirt sheets keep giving the fans nothing more than a pipe dream.

According to, creative plans for Shane McMahon vs The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 are being kept extremely tight lipped, so we don’t expect to be hearing many creative details on that front.

As of now, there remains no official word as to whether or not Shane will be sticking around past WrestleMania, however it’s being said there is something to the rumors of Shane continuing to appear on WWE TV beyond the big PPV.

Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live today that he’s heard fans can expect to see an edgier WWE product between now and WrestleMania, which is WWE’s biggest show of the year.

WWE Roster Injuries

It is a much safer bet to keep low expectations for WrestleMania and look forward to the real excitement starting with the RAW after Wrestlemania when many of the injured WWE Superstars and debuts will be spread throughout the WWE Off-season. -KOP


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