Seth Rollins Is The Heel Champion WWE Needs



Lately I’ve seen a lot of people online go on about how Seth Rollins “sucks” as champion & the ratings have tanked because of him being champion. Setting aside the ratings (Which have been mostly up since he won the title), why do these people think Seth Rollins sucks? His promos? I’ll admit, his long winded opening promos on Raw do drag on way too long. But is that really his fault? Have anyone go out there & cut a promo for 20 minutes & I guarantee it will be nonsensical by the 5 minute mark. He’s done perfectly find in backstage promos or promos that are shorter. So claiming he sucks based on his promos isn’t exactly the best excuse.




What about his actual in ring ability? Seth Rollins is without a doubt, one of the best wrestlers on any roster today. He has countless classics with the likes of John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, & Dean Ambrose. When Seth Rollins is in a high profile matchup, nobody every says “this match is going to suck” because they know the type of quality Rollins puts into his matches. His match on Sunday at Summerslam speaks for itself & as my partner King Of Podcasts stated on the most recent episode of the Wrestling Is Real Podcast, Rollins most likley was the one calling that match & it definitely showed.


In an era where we only get 2 types of champions, the cowardly undeserving champion & the super baby face that “over comes the odds”, Rollins is a refreshing take in that he delivers in the ring & on the mic (when he’s given a reasonable amount of time). Yeah, he may have started with the cowardly heel gimmick but he has out grown it & has stepped up to the plate in putting himself over rather than relying on the Authority rub to make him a bigger deal than he really is. Rollins is a big deal & he definitely deserves both straps he won last night. I have a hard time believing that after his run is finished that people won’t remember is because every match he’s been in since Wrestlemania has been memorable, and that’s mostly in part due to Rollins’ pure talent.