Roman Reigns Can Become a Main Eventer by Wrestlemania 31… Remember Goldberg?

Roman Reigns

Yes, I’m using that example. Mock me all you want. From singles debut to champion, there has been one wrestler since the WWF Attitude era that got successfully pushed all the way to the top in less than a year.

Take away Goldberg’s 173-0 undefeated streak and let’s breakdown a few comparisons and I’ll make my argument.

Goldberg was booked very well by WCW leading up to his first world title (which took just under 11 months), but think of the roster that he took on leading up to it. Goldberg debut in September 1997 and won his first midcard belt by April 1998. By then he gained main event status and in under 3 months he chased Hollywood Hulk Hogan to become WCW World Heavyweight Champion.

Roman Reigns has had close to 2 years of exposure with The Shield until the breakup this past June. Reigns has been featured as a singles wrestler even before the breakup. As I make my point, allow me to back it up with Exhibit A, a list of all of his matches

As far back as May 2013, Reigns had a series of matches on Raw and Smackdown versus fan favorite Daniel Bryan throughout that summer plus he had matches with Randy Orton and Mark Henry.

The first Raw of 2014 Reigns wrestled CM Punk , then would have singles matches with Kane, Orton, Alberto Del Rio, Seth Rollins and Rusev. Then we get to his hernia surgery.

The way I just laid this out, Roman Reigns has faced every top guy on the roster except for fellow top babyface John Cena and the top heel in the company…Brock Lesnar.

Besides the two month absence last fall, WWE had the intentions of making Roma n Reigns their next next top babyface. Roman Reigns needs to built invincible against every top heel he faces leading up to Wrestlemania.

Make no mistake, the evidence proves my point. Roman Reigns has been primed for his Wrestlemania main event. Roman Reigns has put in a lot of ring work, and I don’t remember Goldberg ever blowing us away with his promo ability.-KOP