Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan Under Some Cloudy WWE Booking and Over Exposed

Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan

WWE’s answers to the online outcry following the Royal Rumble started off alright with the booking and stipulations at Raw 2 weeks ago and for FastLane this Sunday. WWE has now clouded our judgement with how we should react to both of these superstars.

No amount of pairing them as an at-odds tag team literally for several hours alone  on television each week being subjected to the in-ring torture of the Authority has brought us to their end goal  that they want the fans to get behind Reigns. Taking up 2 separate half hours at the start of end of Raw and then a full hour straight on Smackdown last week was overexposure and overkill. It also screams lack of storylines and depth of relevant superstars on the roster.

If these two would have been focused on just each other they might be able to sway the public opinion in Reigns’ favor.  Regardless, there is no clear idea on how to predict the outcome of Reigns vs. Bryan at Fastlane this Sunday.

The Authority is simply too involved with too many babyfaces, From Reigns and Bryan to Sting to the rehired members of Team Cena from Survivor Series. At Fastlane, WWE Creative needs to speed forward and focus the Authority on just Sting. As for Bryan/Reigns and their shot at the World Title and Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania, get the heat away from Bryan and Reigns and the Authority and put it on the superstar that is getting a bit overlooked, Seth Rollins. -KOP