Ring of Honor World Champions in Wrestlemania-Stipulated RAW Main Event. Who Would Have Thought It?


I raved about this on Twitter Monday night during RAW, but WWE must get its due when it deserves it.

A RAW main event match to advance to the main event of WWE Fastlane with Wrestlemania 31 implications between Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan.


If you were told back in 2009 that these two Ring of Honor world champions (Tyler Black and Bryan Danielson) would make it this far in WWE let alone be given such a showcase like last night,  I would not have believed it.

Granted, they have been in the Raw main event together for the last two years, but having a match this important is a step in the right direction for the company that I had hoped for and has finally come to fruition. So glad to see it! -KOP