Ring of Honor: Way Back in Second Place of WWE, But Ahead Of TNA

I brought up this argument back when Ring of Honor hosted their first traditional PPV in Best in the World nearly 9 months ago.

Still tough to gauge when both TNA and ROH are shown on their own respective yet limited national platforms. But on momentum alone, Ring of Honor is showing significant growth and buzz.

Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor goes into this Sunday’s 13th Anniversary show loaded with some promising young top prospects (Moose and Hanson), fan favorites (Briscoes, ReDRagon, Jay Lethal, The Addiction to name a few) and some incredible free agents in Alberto El Patron, Matt Sydal. Add the New Japan All-Stars like AJ Styles and the Young Bucks and you have an incredible wrestling card that would put a WWE B-grade PPV to shame.

But then again, I can completely put down TNAs move to Destination America after a tumultuous 2014, but their budgetary issues make their second place claim susceptible to losing that spot. Albeit TNA was able to retain their post production value with the move, their on-site production along with stagnant storylines, recycled feuds, flat gimmicks, low budget at times TV presentation and lack of compelling top stars have made the promotion suffer.

TNA has been in recovery mode so far, and will probably continue to be for the rest of this year, so Ring of Honor has the chance to continue gaining buzz and a bevy of new fans in the IWC hungry for more great wrestling for the disgruntled WWE fan that not even NXT can satisfy.

I would love to hear less about the troubles TNA is dealing with while they are down, give them a break and start realizing there is a revitalized ROH that we should start talking more about.