How WWE Should Book Lana’s Face Turn

lanaIt seems pretty evident that WWE is Hell bent on splitting up Lana & Rusev. While I don’t like it, I feel that there is a way that they could do it without compromising Lana & Rusev. So while I have time, I will give my booking on how to turn Lana face:

During the buildup for Payback, the crowd really starts getting behind Lana during Rusev’s matches/segments. Rusev doesn’t like this & sends her away every time she gets cheered. They then show a segment of Natalya backstage with Lana telling her she doesn’t have to put up with Rusev. Lana is hesitant to listen & brushes her off. At Payback the same things happen where Lana is getting cheered. Rusev starts yelling at her & pushes her down in anger. Later on in the match, Rusev has the upper hand & holds Cena in camel clutch. Cena is ready to submit but Lana runs into the ring & clocks Rusev with his medal. Cena then turns the move into an STF & Rusev yells “I QUIT”.


The next night Rusev comes out & demands that Lana comes out & explains her actions. Rybacks music hits & they start their feud. Later on in the night Lana is backstage with Natalya & she confesses that she wants a new start in life & doesn’t want to be a representative of Russia anymore. This leads segments of her being taught how to live a different lifestyle & is taught how to wrestle by Natalya. She sheds the Lana name & loses her accent & becomes a member of the divas roster.

– Jeremy G