My Open Letter to the WWE Creative Team

Dear WWE Creative team,

Greetings and Salutations! I hope my letter finds you in good spirits during this most exciting time of year. WrestleMania time!

Being myself a media professional for over 20 years, in and out of toxic and mentally draining corporate environments, I think I can comprehend and relate to the kind of overwhelming pressure and anxiety your management team and your fellow writers put you through.

Even though I might have just described your work environment accurately, the fact is none of you have any excuses as to why you are delivering the type of lackluster effort you have been delivering with the storylines and character development that WWE fans like myself are being subjected to.

No doubt the blame should be passed around every office in Stamford Connecticut at WWE headquarters, but the bulk of it lands on you.

I can remember vividly how often in the corporate environments of Clear Channel and the Hearst Corporation where lower level executives and their employees like myself would spend part of their time not doing their job better because they would not be appreciated nor better compensated, to complain about the amount of work, the amount of hours it took and the people that tasked them that work.

But during this stressful WrestleMania season, I ask you to do a favor for me and all of the WWE Universe. Have some respect for yourselves.

Complaining about inheriting the successes and failures of past creative team members (people like Court Bauer, Alex Greenfield, Brian Gerwitz,Vince Russo, Ed Ferrara, Bruce Pritchard and others.) are a waste of time. Denying that YOU DON’T is a an even bigger waste, so just drop it.

Feeling defeated going through the strenuous task of pitching creative ideas to Vince, Hunter and whichever others acting like Rocks of Gibraltar that either get approved and watered down, approved and then not give proper time to develop or simply shot down. Not to mention whining to yourself or others about re-writing a whole tv show at the last minute does not help us or you.

Let’s be honest, you are all not planning on a lifelong tenure with the WWE Creative team. All of you have aspirations maybe to work in television, movies or digital media. Some of you can’t go back to writing soap operas because those are…dead.

It’s time to put on a united front and make an aggressive effort to change the course of WWE storytelling for the better. For your careers, your individual legacies and maybe even… the love of wrestling.

Put on a mutiny against management and show them that we do not need to go last resort and resurrect WWE Superstars during the company’s boon periods ala Brock Lesnar, Batista and The Rock whom you will have little access and little creative freedom of their characters to work with.

Use some of that ego and selfishness and take some self pride of your time on the creative team.  Then leave something great behind and put it on your resume for the next career step.




Batista Bombed (As In the Return)

What a better last night to re-introduce Batista back to the WWE after a 4-year hiatus with a 10-minute coma-inducing, watching paint dry promo segment with Randy Orton and the Authority.

Oh, and what a predictable way to feed Alberto Del Rio to Batista so he could easily blow off this stupid nothing feud that makes Del Rio less of an aristocrat and more like a migrant worker.

WWE Creative, during Wrestlemania season, is obviously unable to take a gamble on doing anything new or exciting with any storyline. I feel like these people are all “Yes Sir and Yes Ma’am in the writing room and don’t have the grapefruits  to question the desires of upper management.

So now we have two part-timers in Brock Lesnar and Batista who are solely back to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion, while we are bored to death to see Cena and Orton in a plain old rematch (yawn).

Meanwhile, Daniel Bryan is THE GUY the WWE Universe wants in the title picture, but no, beating up Bray Wyatt in a steel cage last week wasn’t enough. Let’s do a match, as we hope Bryan will also be a surprise entrant for the Rumble.

Yup, Wrestlemania Season. Part Time Returning Wrestlers. Half-ass written storylines. Tell me again why I should be excited? -KOP