NXT Arrival: For Everywhere Else. Yeah, We Already Knew How Good It Was


Back in 2011, I discovered someone was in YouTube land was awesome to post the broadcasts of Florida Championship Wrestling.

I remember several years before that that WWE developmental was run separately in the Ohio Valley and Deep South Wrestling territories, but it was hard to find clips of those shows except for when Sunshine Network (now Sun Sports).

Long story short, when I got back into wrestling after a four-year hiatus in 2005, I wanted to always get a feel of who could make it into WWE. Without any federations like WCW or ECW to watch, I tried to see what their developmental territories would come up with…not much.

Flash forward to FCW, something about watching these broadcasts were different because of some of the characters and good workers I started noticing. Wrestlers like Leo Kruger (looking caveman wearing lion skin), Ritchie Steamboat, Bo Rotundo, Paige, Summer Rae, Maxine (love me some Maxine, i miss her) Seth Rollins, Leakee (soon to be Roman Reigns), Dean Ambrose , Paige and a new character alongside Eli Cottonwood named Bray Wyatt.

This cast of characters got me so interested into this chaep tiny Florida promotion that used to run on cable in Tampa every weekend.


Thursday night with NXT arRIVAL was the official coming out party to the WWE Universe. For those of you that I have told time and time again on the Wrestling is Real podcast is arguably the best wrestling show on tv every week.

For my in-ring criticism of HHH, he in return gets my overwhelming praise for what he has been doing with the creation of the WWE Performance Center and NXT. Since the merging of the old NXT program and FCW in 2012, the program has been a show that HAVE NOT missed. I always found a way to watch this show. I feel a lot of pride and happiness that all of the guys and gals in this Florida-based promotion (my hometown promotion) are getting called up and are excelling in the main roster. The Shield, The Wyatt Family, Big E, Cesaro, Damien Sandow, Emma, Summer Rae will be WWE Superstars and Divas that I will always hope to stand behind.

I hope all of the new viewers of NXT thanks to WWE Network, will begin to open their eyes to looking to see the future of WWE excel on Raw and Smackdown and someday their WrestleMania moment, instead of calling back to the long gone Attitude Era.

As for the show on Thursday, I will comment on the podcast how much I love the special, and why I continue to tell all of you…WATCH NXT!!!-KOP

World Title Picture at WrestleMania XXX: Can’t Be Orton vs. Batista…What To Do?

With it being so obvious that WWE is compelled, by the power of the absent Authority, to book Randy Orton vs. Batista for the World Heavyweight title at WrestleMania XXX, I am bewildered by what makes the current incarnation of these poorly scripted participants could give us a WrestleMania-worthy storyline that would led to an epic WrestleMania-worthy match.

There’s no question in my mind that this match would not ever be allowed to see the top of the main event of the pay-per-view card, when you have Lesnar vs.Undertaker getting all the buzz after Raw Monday night.

Does anyone want Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H  to go through as a match in New Orleans? If you, as the WWE Universe, don’t want it, it’s time to focus all your tweets, petiton signatures, blog comments, emails, other social media posting and chants in the arena to only YES chants or “Daniel Bryan” anytime the Authority, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton or Batista are in the ring or shown backstage.

In closing, it’s time to quall the CM Punk chants (Chicago next Monday is the exception). because I think he will not be at WrestleMania XXX. -KOP

5 Memorable CM Punk Moments

Thank you CM Punk,

If you are in fact gone for good, thank you for …..

CM Punk

Singing Happy Birthday to Rey Mysterio’s daughter.

CM Punk

That great moment on RAW when you cashed in on Edge after he got beat down by Batista to become World Heavyweight Champion.

CM Punk

Royal Rumble 2010: Promos between eliminations, talking Great Khali into the Straight Edge Society.

CM Punk

The pipebomb heard round the world before your WWE title match with John Cena in Chicago at Money In the Bank 2011….and finally

CM Punk

When you got over for life by leaving with the belt.. You might not be leaving with a belt or top of the main event card like you wanted this time. Neverthless, thanks for the memories. #BestInTheWorld