Power Play or Locker Room Statement: The CM Punk Situation 7 Days Later


I’m not sure which way people are leaning more towards, but I’m still trying to think that CM Punks walkout last Monday was made as a stand by an un-elected locker room leader for WWE Superstars that are being held down. The same way he felt about himself when he delivered his pipebomb promo instead of pure selfishness and ego.

I would hate to think just because of one uninspiring WrestleMania XXX program with Triple H, that would be enough for him to chose to not honor the last five months of his contract.


All I hope is Punk is only doing this more out of fatigue than anything else. This all could have been handled a lot better, and I still have hope Punk will eventually return. For now,Bryan is getting his spot in storyline, and no other up-and-comers are going to breakthrough to the WrestleMania card as long Triple H part-time favorites (New Age Outlaws, Batista, Brock Lesnar) are around for the next two months. 

P.S. If anyone really thinks that Daniel Bryan is not catching a huge break because of Punk’s absence and instead think that creative was already in the works to put him back in the main event, then I ask you to tell me how all the news reports about the re-writing of last Monday’s RAW or shuffling the WrestleMania XXX card are pure lies. Think about it.-KOP

CM Punk: Chooses Foregoing Wrestling than Being Forgotten in WrestleMania XXX Card

As soon as I got news of CM Punk not only being put in a Main Event at Wrestlemania, but leaving period , my feeling was , this is not “What’s Best For Business “


How are you going to take away a main eventer like CM Punk , I’m asking you WWE? CM Punk has without a doubt put on some terrific matches , we can never forget The Best Vs The Beast or his epic match withThe Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29 .


Top it all off with his 434 day title reign as The WWE Champion . I have been a CM Punk Fan for a long time and I would hate to see such talent go to waste, this is just unacceptable. WWE, make this right and put CM Punk back in the main event of Wrestlemania 30. I am after all part of the WWE universe , I am confident that there are also others like me that would agree with me .


CM Punk is born to be a main eventer , here is the same guy who came up with ” The Pipe Bomb ” , who gives it his all each and every time that he competes in that WWE ring. Same guy who has also put together some really good rivalries with Brock , Undertake, Orton , Batista, Cena, Del Rio, The Wyatt Family (With Daniel Bryan ) , The Rock , Ryback and Paul Heyman , Chris Jericho , Kane . Whether he is a heel or face doesn’t make a difference, I could go down the list all day if I wanted to . CM Punk is simply ” What’s Best For Business ” .

If you put CM Punk to go up against Batista for The WWE World Heavyweight Championship, that match could definitely be a memorable one .


WWE: Time to Be Aware of IWC’s Vocal Unrest over Punk and Bryan


With the crowd’s ongoing voice of displeasure with WWE Creative’s recent burying of Daniel Bryan (burying him in the WWE Heavyweight Title picture and his absence in the Royal Rumble match) and CM Punk’s recent walkout (due to recent booking issues including the return of Batista and his immediate title push to learning of his planned WrestleMania opponent Triple H), it’s time for WWE to do some serious damage control. 


Case in point, following how the Royal Rumble crowd in Pittsburgh last Sunday were able to hijack any positive reactions to the World Heavyweight Title match and the Royal Rumble match, a repeat reaction came up at Thursday’s NXT tapings. 

According to PWMania.com, fans were chanting for Punk during other wrestler entrances and during their matches. Another fan said it had to be a nerve-wracking night for WWE officials because of the Punk fans.

Thanks to social media the hardcore wrestling marks, that practically worship CM Punk and Daniel Bryan at the ROH and Indy darlings of the early 2000s, are able to get their message out to more of the WWE Universe and in turn get more support for their cause.


Now, instead of having the indirect solution of unhappy talent taking their skills to another promotion like WCW, they can either walk away or leave it to the WWE Universe who think they can protest to get what they want. 

CM Punk, while it’s not right for him to leave and not honor the rest of his contract, has a good argument .  WWE Creative left Punk and Paul Heyman to work with each other following his loss of the WWE Championship at last year’s Royal Rumble.

They only forgot to think about what to do with him in this year’s WrestleMania 30 plans. Instead, WWE chose to go to their bring some back from the past playbook by resurrecting Batista from a 4-year hiatus instead of considering CM Punk was someone they could put high on the WrestleMania card that can draw money and viewers. 


My argument on the podcast is never more relevant than it is now. Punk, Bryan and Cena along with featured attractions like Undertaker and Brock Lesnar, plus filling out the card with the Shield, The Wyatts and Sheamus is enough to build a strong WrestleMania card that can draw a sold out New Orleans Superdome, earn them over a million PPV buys worldwide and a strong launch to the WWE Network. WWE needs to get Punk back and quell the displeasure before it’s too late. -KOP