Daniel Bryan Stripped of Belt; WWE History Ready to Revise TLC Ladder Match

So, a little over two months after winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 30. Daniel Bryan is no longer WWE World Heavyweight Champion since he will not be cleared to compete at the Money in the Bank PPV later this month.

On the heels of that announcement, I went to Twitter and wrote:

Daniel Bryan title’s stripped and WWE has turned the clock back to TLC. At least this ladder match won’t be not Cena vs. Orton. .

Randy Orton is back in the title picture, as well as Alberto Del Rio who for years has always lingered around the title. If either of these two win the world heavyweight title, their respective reign will set back any plans by WWE to taking this opportunity to push their young up-and-coming stars going forward.

WWE, please do whats best for business. Make the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion be a new face.

Hey PodcastOne, Not Every Wrestler Needs a Podcast

PodcastOne is a major league podcast network that is home now to a plethora of podcast of professional wrestling legends.

On my own Stitcher and Podkicker Pro podcatchers on my Samsung Galaxy phone, I have subscribed to podcasts hosted by Steve Austin and Jim Ross.

If I wanted to, I could also pick up podcasts hosted by Chris Jericho, Roddy Piper and now, Bill Goldberg.

I did subscribe to Talk is Jericho and I’ve sampled some of these other shows, but why should I. All of these shows sound the same and they have a knack of booking the same guests in the wrestling world.

I have to believe this if going to be a passing fad. To hear the same stories and same cliches in each show, long-winded diatribes similar to the promos in the ring and finally hearing each voice the same commercials over and over.

Message to Norm Pattiz, the founder of Podcast One, who also created the Westwood One radio network. You have chosen to continue the philosophy that you had at WW1 that another radio platform, SiriusXM, fails at doing. You think you can just give a celebrity on television that can entertain an audience in a short segment, and think hey, they should have their own radio show.

Why else did Dennis Miller, Robert Wuhl (remember Arliss) and Billy Bush get to be on the radio. Enough wrestling-hosted programs please! Thanks.

Seth Rollins Blacks Out Shield; TNA Talent Takes Tumble Before Title Match

KOP WIR ITUNES 2015-300Seth Rollins Blacks Out Shield; TNA Talent Takes Tumble Before Title Match. 6 tables covered with garbage bags…big budget stuff ; Money, Power Respect working with Dixie’s crew……ugh; Gunner, Sam Shaw and Mr. Anderson military triangle; NXT TakeOver Recap.
NXT Takeover: Number 1 Contender’s Match for NXT Championship: Tyler Breeze vs. Sami Zayn. Breeze with a low blow, beauty shot for pin. These guys worked great together. Rusev called the Iron Fist of Russia. Stephanie announces Kane vs. Bryan in a stretcher match at MITB. Cena finally has someone that gets more heat than him.Absent Bray Wyatt and an empty chair. That’s ok, leave it to Luke Harper to hang in the promo dept.
USOs vs Wyatts, I know the belts aren’t up for grabs, but don’t give away the PPV match. Seth Rollins splits from the Shield, it’s like they purposely made the last part of Raw boring to shock us good.

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