Working for Corporate (Wrestling or Radio) Sucks! Just Ask CM Punk!

CM Punk

Just finished listening to CM Punk’s interview on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast. If you have not listened to it, here you go.

Aside of two statements that I think could be disputed (Equal pay to the Rock at Wrestlemania XXX and that he could get himself over bigger without WWE), I totally support everything he said in the interview. He is absolutely right.

I say that because I am working for an industry much like pro wrestling is controlled by a major corporate conglomerate that is truly the major leagues or (coining a WCW slogan) where the big boys play…..Radio.


I worked for the biggest radio company in the world for 4 years. The company was named Clear Channel until one of their digital acquisitions became so popular and profitable they decide to take its name and become iHeartMedia.


Though employees of iHeartMedia ARE entitled to medical and retirement benefits, they are for the most part under appreciated, expected to drink the corporate kool aid and go beyond the call of duty working extra hours or working sick for fear of losing their jobs and their benefits.  No to mention, a lot of talented workers deal with a glass ceiling overshadowed and overlooked many times by veteran talents who refuse to let go “of their spot” or non-talents that got their job by “who they know in mid-management or at the top”.

Unfortunately for WWE and Clear Channel, I have to respect their business practices because they have been able to become publicly traded and gain worldwide expansion (Although, the latter will eventually drown in an ocean of debt, but I digress) for over 50 and 40 years respectively.

CM Punk

Back to CM Punk, from day one. I didn’t want to try to observe why he chose to leave. If he chose to leave it was his chice and that there must be a pretty good reason why. Well, he had a VERY GOOD reason and I wish him the very best outside of wrestling.-KOP


Evaluating the 2014 WWE Off-Season: Lack of Excitement…No Surprise

WWE Off-Season

Again, the time between SummerSlam and the New Year (which I’m sure I am not the first to refer to this period as WWE’s offseason) has assuredly disappointed the WWE Universe. Yes we could blame injuries to some rising stars on their roster but its still not a plausible excuse.

Brock Lesnar

First of all, no one is really talking about the number one big problem. If Brock Lesnar was going to win the WWE World Heavyweight Title, it did not mean that WWE should have let him disappear from television and PPV for several months without even a mention or a video package or even any significant promo time from his advocate, Paul Heyman.

On my Wrestling is Real podcast, I said multiple times if WWE was going to keep the belt on Lesnar, knowing that only John Cena would be his only credible opponent, the time without the Heavyweight Champion in the picture should have been used to elevate the prestige of the Intercontinental and Tag Team belts. Safe to say, all of the midcard belts still mean next to nothing.

Wyatt Family

Even if Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan are on the shelf, that does not explain why characters like the Wyatt Family were split up (without any explanation) only that the company felt the need to make Rowan and Harper singles competitors. Bray Wyatt  is wandering aimlessly without any progression to his character and being placed in feuds fueled with little to no storyline. Rowan is now a simpleton face and Harper is a champion without any rhyme or reason why he inherited the belt. Rusev, Rollins and Ambrose I think are the only superstars that have not lost their push or momentum this offseason.

Triple H Sting

Finally, WWE cannot continue to rely on creating one-shot appearances at us like The Rock, Mick Foley, Hulk Hogan and Sting (or the pitiful celebrity one-offs like Kathie Lee and Hoda, Nene Leakes and Grumpy Cat) to stimulate the interest of the WWE Universe.

We now roll into December with the hopefully short return of the Anonymous RAW General Manager for CyberMonday, followed the Slammys, a lackluster TLC PPV card, Tribute to the Troops and a silly Christmas episode,  hosted no doubt by a gaggle of unmemorable D-list celebrity general mangers.

On this Thanksgiving weekend, I am especially thankful for ROH Final Battle, WWE NXT Takeover R: Revolution and Lucha Underground to keep me from doing the casual WWE fan thing to do… fantasy booking Wrestlemania XXXI-KOP