Congrats Ring of Honor Wrestling! You Now Have a REAL PPV To Plan.

Ring of Honor Wrestling

Ring of Honor’s announcement of their first ever over-the-air LIVE PPV establishes Ring of Honor’s Wrestling (in this writer’s opinion) as the # 3 wrestling promotion in the country, with a real chance of catching up and being a legitimate competitor to TNA as #2.

Sinclair Broadcasting needs to make some additional investment into the promotion’s budget, starting with making their upcoming two iPPVs (Border Wars on May 10th and War of the Worlds on May 17th). Those two shows need to be treated like dress rehearsals.

No more skeleton production crews, more cameras, better technical direction and better mic-ing of the ring, the crowd and the announcers are needed without question.

Finally, those two dress rehearsals require develop several intricate storylines built up over weekly television. Even though ROH has the talent, I have never seen a main event match that has been a really must-see money-making match in the Sinclair era of the promotion.

Even though the iPPVs will feature inter-promotional feuds, internal feuds within ROH need to be front and center.

Here’s hoping that Ring of Honor first spotlight on Sunday June 22nd makes wrestling history.

WWE Evolution, Just Not For Triple H; Trying to Explain Eric Young TNA Title Run

KOP WIR ITUNES 2015-300Oops, time to book the Sacrifice PPV; Eric Young wins 10-man Rumble er Gauntlet match to earn World  title shot  vs. Magnus. Opts to cash in shot tonight.Fandango dances with Layla, nice switch. Shield protect Daniel Bryan. War Games match might happen. Ultimate Warrior 10 bell tribute, feel awful about the kids. The Shield have Orton and Batista as their new target. Cesaro feats of strength. Bray Wyatt back against the wall vs Cena. Closing the chapter on corporate Kane, to face Bryan at Extreme Rules. The burial of Sandow and Ziggler.

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Reality of a New Era in WWE is here; Post- WrestleMania Crowds Wake Up


WrestleMania XXX served as the turning point of WWE. The change at the top is imminent. The plans out in place several years ago with the new WWE Performance Center and the revamp of their developmental NXT division has started to reap some profitable rewards.

The John Cena”measuring stick” promo Friday night in Smackdown could not have explained it better.


The coming out party for Bo Dallas, Paige, Alexander Rusev and Adam Rose in front of the Raw after WrestleMania crowd was amazing, but now its time for not just the smart crowds.

So I’m calling out to WWE fans in Birmingham (Alabama), Baltimore, Louisville, St. Louis, Greenville, Knoxville and Indianapolis. Start catching up on your NXT, and open your eyes  to the new “reality”.

Undertaker and CM Punk are probably not coming back, Brock Lesnar will probably take some time off and the likes of Big Show, Kane and Mark Henry cannot stay on top anymore. So, let’s get behind all these new stars. Keep the cheers loud and deafening for Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, the Shield and the Wyatt Family, and get these NXT folks over.-KOP