5 Memorable CM Punk Moments

Thank you CM Punk,

If you are in fact gone for good, thank you for …..

CM Punk

Singing Happy Birthday to Rey Mysterio’s daughter.

CM Punk

That great moment on RAW when you cashed in on Edge after he got beat down by Batista to become World Heavyweight Champion.

CM Punk

Royal Rumble 2010: Promos between eliminations, talking Great Khali into the Straight Edge Society.

CM Punk

The pipebomb heard round the world before your WWE title match with John Cena in Chicago at Money In the Bank 2011….and finally

CM Punk

When you got over for life by leaving with the belt.. You might not be leaving with a belt or top of the main event card like you wanted this time. Neverthless, thanks for the memories. #BestInTheWorld

Someone Took My TV Shows and Replaced It …With the Winter Olympics

The Good Wife, Family Guy, Revenge, The Following, The Blacklist, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Agents of SHIELD, Law and Order SVU, Justified, Parks and Recreation and Scandal. All but two of those tv show I am missing thanks to… (queue the theme!)

Winter Olympics

Dah-dah-da-dah-dah-dah! The Winter Olympics!

Much how I l don’t care much for the March Madness of college basketball. I am a South Florida native so winter sports I can’t relate.

When I see stories of ice and snowstorms on the news and I’m walking outside in shorts to go to work. How can I possibly relate to the holidays let alone anything winter.

Winter Olympics

So I took time to blog about this. Good news is all my favorite shows will be back by the end of the month. Stay warm! -KOP

IWC: Please Practice Some Patience

As I’m writing this post I’m listening to The Steve Austin Unleashed podcast from Thursday February 7th. Austin is taking phone calls on the Royal Rumble, the outcry of Daniel Bryan, The CM Punk walkout and WrestleMania XXX chatter. 

I feel like the first caller on this episode came in saying that as a member of the IWC he thought that Daniel Bryan should have already won the title. He also went on to say that in some social circles, some wrestling fans were going to boycott purchasing the WWE Network.


There is no need for the IWC to use this newly discovered voice, thanks to social media, to say that only CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are the best wrestlers going today and the rest dont even come close.

Im not so selfish, I just want the both of them to be in prominent storylines close to our in the main event for the sole fact I like great workers working main event matches.

The IWC needs to practice patience. I dont think like some podcasters think that these two superstars are already being written into storyline to make us fans respond like we are now.

Boycotts and crowd hijacking will not be heard so its time to let that go. WWE has gotten our message loud and clear. Keep being vocal for Bryan when he is in the ring, and give Punk the same response if and when he returns. -KOP