NXT Is Not Killing The Indies


If you listened to the most recent podcast, I briefly mentioned my feelings towards NXT competing with indies such as PWG & Ring Of Honor. Many people are under the belief that NXT is trying to overtake the indies or even try to kill them similar to how Vince McMahon killed the territories in the 80’s. To some extent, I can see why people would think that way. NXT has been snatching up talent like wildfire.With guys like Prince Devitt, Kevin Steen, & KENTA getting brought in, it’s only natural to feel like it hurts the indies. But it doesn’t.


The indies are constantly thriving because they are an avenue for new wrestlers to get noticed & get experience. Sure, WWE has it’s performance center but the real way to get experience is to go work the indies. So there’s a constant flow of new & up & coming talent going through the indies that even if bigger stars get called to WWE, there’s always going to be someone else to take their spot. That’s how it’s always been. So the indies does not hurt from NXT taking their talent because they have a plethora of new faces to give chances to.


With Samoa Joe’s recent debut on NXT, he’s done something that is a first not just for NXT but for WWE as a whole. Joe is the first new wrestler to come to NXT & still be able to work indie shows. This means that Samoa Joe could have opened the door for guys to come in to NXT but still be able to work elsewhere. Triple H is the one who made the deal & it doesn’t surprise me. Hunter has always be a fan of wrestling’s past. What he does with NXT mirrors what has been done in the past in WCW, ECW, & the NWA. This could be a move to now allow talent to be able to work indies but still appear on the main show similar to how the territory system worked. The way I feel this works Is that I believe Samoa Joe doesn’t have an interest in going to the main roster. So with that, it’s an easier pill to swallow because it makes NXT seem more like WWE’s personal indie promotion that can host talent from other companies as long as they don’t want to go to the main roster. This would mean that NXT could potentially hold interpromotional matches with other companies but keep guys who want to move up to the main roster as exclusive talent. Even now, WWE is becoming interested in bring in AJ Styles to NXT. I feel that AJ is doing very well for himself but I have no doubt that he would want to take a deal similar to Joe’s & have a shot at NXT while still taking indie dates. NXT has the potential to really break the mold that WWE built over the past 40 years & actually work with other promotions to put on the best product possible.

– Jeremy G.