No! Roman Reigns Does Not Need To Turn Heel!

Roman Reigns

I have heard too many critics think that the only way to save the Wrestlemania main event, aside from adding Daniel Bryan to make the match a triple threat, is to create a double turn between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar prior to the match.

What happened to the idea that Roman Reigns is being groomed to be the predecessor to John Cena. Why is everyone so quick to prematurely give up on the direction of this match?

These same critics think Brock Lesnar should be re-signed and crowned the top babyface of WWE with Paul Heyman becoming a new heel Reign’s new advocate. Enough of the short-term booking please. Heyman with Reigns make sense but WWE is trying to build a new top babyface, not just quickly turn him heel because he’s too green.

WWE chose to execute the Roman Reigns main event push too early granted, but in the long run the push that WWE will give him with all of the creative support and managerial oversight (while neglecting the rest of the Wrestlemania card until after Fast Lane). Winning over Brock Lesnar will sway the WWE universe and I believe regardless of the push Roman Reigns will end up getting over as WWE expects.

Finally, I’m looking at Mr. Money in the Bank has yet to be added officially into the storyline  and he could very well cash in at Wrestlemania or the RAW after….Just Saying!-KOP