New WWE Superstars: Where Will They End Up on WWE Main Roster?

New WWE Superstars have now been called up after WrestleMania 32 and yours truly will predict where they will and who will make the WWE main roster cut.

New WWE Superstars

aj-styles-wweAJ Styles-AJ will always have the stigma of TNA in the narrow-minded eyes of WWE. The last two years of AJ Styles memorable New Japan legacy will soon be forgotten. AJ should enjoy the heavy paychecks and merchandise residuals. WWE could shock me though and actually give AJ some main events feuds but I doubt it.

End Result: AJ will soon be relegated to the upper midcard following the built up Cinderella scenario of having him challenge for the world title against Roman Reigns at Payback.

baron corbinBaron Corbin-WWE wants to bet the farm on Baron Corbin. Bringing him up now given the time he had to develop in NXT was probably as much as he was going to get.  So far, we have to see what kind of feuds he gets for starters after this initial introduction into the main roster.

End Result:I expect Corbin to get the same Roman Reigns type push as a main event heel. It’s just what I think Vince has planned for him so he could very well be thrown down our throat.



enzo cassEnzo Amore and Colin Cassady– They were down in NXT for a very long time. They have perfected their entrance and to the credit of the fans in attendance they have quickly picked up on it.  I would like to see how well they will do in-ring, as that is the department that they could improve on.

End Result: These guys were made to be the next generation of the New Age Outlaws. They’re made guys from the first time they came out from the entrance ramp. Maybe on the main roster they will become Tag Champs.

gallows-anderson-debut-rawvaudevillains new-wwe-superstars-4-1024x576crews new-wwe-superstars-1-1024x576

Though I hate to say it, Carl Anderson, Doc Gallows, Apollo Crews and the Vaudevillains are all destined to mid-card mediocrity. The Vaudevillians could rise in the tag team division to the level of Enzo and Cass.

These predictions are just on face value without the idea that creative will help any of these talents on the main roster. I would rather see creative get off their ass and prove me wrong on all of these superstars.

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