More WWE PPVs Need to be Like WWE NXT Takeover: R-Evolution

NXT Takeover

The Internet Wrestling Community gripes and complains justifiably about how WWE Pay Per Views (especially between SummerSlam and the Royal Rumble) are so mediocre to bad.

No storylines to grab the emotion of the fans or the WWE Universe, no exciting debuts of superstars that make a lasting impact, and very little memorable moments. But then I saw WWE NXT Takeover: R-Evolution Thursday night.

I have not been as excited for a live WWE special event since SummerSlam or the last NXT Takeover.

WWE NXT Takeover: R-Evolution had ALL of the elements that made for one of the best wrestling events I’ve ever seen all year, alongside Ring of Honor’s All Star Extravaganza and WrestleMania XXX.

Let me get back to the three points I made at the beginning.

Storylines, stretched out over three months between specials, are exceptional when you watch these NXT Specials. NXT Takeover is a throwback to the Clash of Champions of NWA/WCW and the WWF’s Saturday Night’s Main Event.

NXT Takeover

The Sami Zayn/Adrian Neville feud took me back to a feud like Tommy Dreamer/Raven back in ECW, but the backstory of this feud had the excellent catalyst in Sami’s real best friend, Kevin Owens, who had just made his long awaited and incredible debut earlier in the night.

NXT Takeover

The incredible moment where Sami Zayn finally conquered the one thing that mattered to him most all year in the NXT title, Kevin Owens hugs Zayn, the jubilant celebration and then one of the BEST swerves since Mark Henry’s pseudo retirement speech.

NXT Takeover

Then, there was the transformation of Finn Balor uncovering his Prince Devitt look to the NXT Universe along with a great tag match with his partner Hideo Itami against the Ascension.

NXT Takeover

Finally, there was Charlotte showcasing her talents that might be arguably better than any Diva on the main roster, except for AJ Lee, Paige and maybe Natalya.

WWE needs to take a closer what they are doing RIGHT down in Orlando at the Performance Center. NXT has evolved from a rookie training ground to a finishing shop for some of the worlds most skilled and talented indy wrestlers en route to becoming WWE Superstars.


As I look towards WWE TLC this Sunday, does anyone think that with all the star power and resources WWE has for their main roster they can even come close to the magic that we witnessed on Thursday.

It’s obvious to me WWE needs more significant changes and maybe by post-Wrestlemania season next year they will finally “evolve”. -KOP