Mayweather vs Pacquiao Fight Came Too Late, Outcome Inevitable

Courtesy: Associated Press

Its not common for me to go off-topic on the blog, but I must react to the Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao welterweight championship fight on Saturday. The only people that really won from this fight were the fighters, promoters, sponsors and broadcast carriers of the fight.

This fight might have given the sport of boxing a boost and maybe fans will once again be interested in boxing in the same vein as MMA or even professional wrestling. That might be the one real positive, especially for the casual mainstream sports fan.

But this fight for the diehard boxing fan, which I would say I once was, is a disappointment was inevitable. But, hey how often does a dream feud actually happen when both competitors or teams are in their prime. This dream match would have been better back when Pacquiao was still undefeated.

Courtesy: Associated Press

In closing, I will give credit to Floyd “Money” Mayweather for taking this fight. He did win fair and square with no need of the crony Vegas judges. He has nothing left to prove. But, I will say he has excelled in a time where boxing has less superstar talent and where MMA has dominated and left people’s interest in boxing on life support.-KOP