Lucha Underground: Best of What’s Missing and What’s Not Missing in Wrestling


Lucha Underground, based on what I got of Season 1 of the series, is what I call “The Best of What’s Missing and What’s Not Missing in Wrestling”. Please feel free to add your own comments and opinions.

Let’s start with what Lucha Underground did to make us realize “What’s Missing in Wrestling”.lucha-undeground

Lucha Underground always delivered incredible backstage vignettes that always made way for some the best character development of so many of their beloved characters, from Mil Muertes to Prince Puma to Johnny Mundo to Pentagon Jr. Their film-type look and the look of the temple and all of its exteriors inside the temple along with the Los Angeles exteriors made the whole Boyle Heights environment fun and exciting.

Lucha Underground also did a remarkable job in continuity and storytelling (exception on the Chavo/Crew, Blue Demon feud payoff). They know to make the most out of wrestlers mostly undersized (in the eyes of WWE) or masked (because you just don’t see that many masked wrestlers anymore.) and how they can be made into larger than life characters we can get behind and be excited about. Now, if you wanted to argue could these wrestlers draw money in North America and ratings if they were on a more visible network (no disrespect to ElRey Network) like WWE, that you can use to justify any devil’s advocate argument.

Now, how about what Lucha Underground did to make us realize “What’s Not Missing in Wrestling”.



I watched a lot of the original Paul Heyman-run ECW of the late 90s, and I did enjoy some of the hardcore matches we got to witness on the TV show and we saw lots of weapons and blood.

Look, I enjoyed the Alberto El Patron toss into Dario Cueto’s window by Johnny Mundo more than a month ago to fuel their Ultima Lucha match that we saw this week. The buildup to Ultima Lucha and the event itself gave us lots of extreme matches and its equal share of crimson masks, but I thought i was too much.

I think the numerous amount of chair shots, and the use of the temple to inflict pain sometimes took away from the matches. Maybe I’m just a bit old school, but after seeing TNA and WWE give us their share of bad extreme hardcore matches, seeing good hardcore matches just don’t give me the thrill that I used to have.

Call me de-sensitized or not, the bottom line is I had very little to criticize about Lucha Underground, and I have a whole lot of anticipation for whenever Lucha Underground comes back to our TV screen. -KOP

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