Let’s Stop Pretending That This Is About Daniel Bryan

Welcome to my inaugural blog post on the Wrestling is Real blog. I promise to make sure I don’t ruffle too many feathers but I won’t hold back on my opinions. Now, let’s get down to business.

For the past few days, I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts, reading a lot of articles, and responding to a lot of comments all pointing to the supposed fact that the reason why fans were booing Reigns winning the Rumble was because of Daniel Bryan’s elimination earlier in the match.

Now, I for one was none too pleased that Daniel Bryan got eliminated the way he did & as early as he did. Daniel Bryan’s return last month was a historical moment in that he came back from an injury that put him out for several months, an injury that could have ended his career, to announce that he was going to be in the 2015 Royal Rumble match. Going into the match, he had everything going for him. He had the perfect David vs. Goliath storyline to take on Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania and become a 2 time (Technically 4 time if you count the WWE Championship linage) WWE World Heavyweight Champion. To take back the title he never lost in his most difficult opponent to date. But the powers that be decided that they didn’t want that & had him unceremoniously eliminated from the Rumble after just 10 minutes in the ring. I get it, it was a disappointing sight & it set the tone for the remainder of the match. But that’s not why this situation sucks.

Roman Reigns, since the start of The Shield, has been talked about as being the next “guy” in the WWE. Up until his injury a few months ago, I, as well as most of the WWE Universe, were pretty ok with that happening. Hey, anything to get rid of Cena, right? But for some reason, WWE saw how well Roman was doing prior to his injury & decided to stop all that & turn him into a wannabe Rock or Cena 2.0. Between the bedtime stories about Big Show & the looney toon quotes, Roman Reigns lost a lot of credibility for himself. Fans stopped taking him seriously and his reactions started to die down. WWE saw he was losing momentum & strapped the rocket ship behind him & lit it up and let the unthinkable happen.

Roman Reigns winning the Rumble was a terrible decision not because it wasn’t Daniel Bryan. It was because they booked him into oblivion. Reigns had been rumored to win the Rumble as early as September of 2014. The fans knew this & didn’t have a problem with it for the most part. Guys like Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, and even The Rock were all rumored choices to win the Rumble as well, but they really didn’t make sense. So it was down to Reigns & Bryan. As I mentioned earlier, the lead up to the Rumble did Roman Reigns no favors so the only real person everyone wanted to see was Bryan because they felt Reigns wasn’t ready to become that big yet. So when Daniel Bryan got eliminated, the fans knew that Reigns winning was inevitable.

So please stop saying that you hate Roman Reigns for winning or that you’re upset because Daniel Bryan didn’t win. The real culprit (as it has been for quite a while now) is bad writing and you should be pointing the finger not at Reigns, but at WWE & Vince McMahon for booking Reigns the way they did and thinking it was good idea going into the Rumble.

– Jeremy G.