IWC: Wrestlemania Will Be OK, At Least The Matches Should Be


There is an obvious negative buzz surrounding the buildup of Wrestlemania 31, and I’m agreement with everyone else on that negative buzz.

Only thing is I am not so critical. That’s because I’m a wrestling fan that likes all different kinds of wrestling promotions that can appreciate the art of a great match. That’s how wrestling fans like can watch TNA and WCW matches for years on a curve, with little to no stories to real Vince Russo stamp of approval type crap.

Like I say on my podcast, half the job of making Wrestlemania good is at least putting together some good matches. The IC Title Ladder match, Orton vs. Rollins, Cena vs. Rusev, and whatever tag team match they put together should help making the four-hour event easier to get through.

Don’t expect miracles with the last two RAWs (or that last Smackdown that we can expect some storyline progession) before Wrestlemania. I’m going into the event glass half full, or the same way as saying most of the matches should be pretty good.

After that, I don’t personally need the storylines or buildup to be flawless, but I’d be more concerned abut the outcomes of the matches. Like personally booking the main event to be booked where Roman Reigns gets the win over Lesnar, only to have the title taken away by a Money in the Bank cash- in (at Wrestlemania, not on the Raw after) by Seth Rollins. I call that making two new main event guys coronating a new predecessor to John Cena while keeping the rabid and vocal IWC happy. Book it!-KOP