Impact Wrestling: Going with What Worked Before

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling and its ratings on POP TV have increased the first three weeks since their January 5th premiere.

* January 5th: 255,000
* January 12th: 288,000
* January 19th: 321,000

Part of the rise should deal with the TNA hardcore fans finding the show once again (and more than likely) those are the only fans that are so far finding them again.

Impact Wrestling, now with their North American TV issues in their rear-view mirror (for now), they look to move on with a depleted  yet strong nucleus of talent headlined by Kurt Angle, EC3, Lashley, Drew Galloway and Jeff and Matt Hardy.


They have brought in some mid-card talent last year that they have started to piece together with some of their mid-card mainstays to form a new tag team division headed by the Tag Champs in the Wolves. But, what makes this division become important is the reuniting of Beer Money. Bobby Roode and James Storm have done everything possible as singles’ competitors so giving the fans this reunion is a positive.

TNA Knockouts

In the Knockouts division, re-fueling the Gail Kim/Awesome Kong is a feud that has given us many memorable matches that became the pinnacle of what the division has stood for. Along with the Dollhouse and the Beautiful People, the division continues to be something that TNA still has going for them.

Ethan Carter III

Finally, after roughly a two-year heel run, Ethan Carter III has been crowned the top babyface of the company. Arguably, he is the one true success story in TNA’s recent history. His new turn signifies the one new thing that TNA decided to do since the move to Pop TV.

Impact Wrestling overall is the road to recovery, but again maintaining the status quo cannot continue. Mike Bennett, Tyrus, Bram, Eli Drake, Aiden O’ Shea and Jessie Godders look to be wrestlers the company is looking to get behind.  Looking outside of the box could not be a more suitable suggestion to ensure TNA can bring back their hardcore following, but possibly get back to where they once were…by doing more than what has worked before. -KOP

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