If Undertaker Streak Can Be Broken, Could John Cena Could Become a Heel?


In this new era of WWE, whether we want to call it the Reality Era or not. Who is not to say that after seeing WWE part ways with the Undertaker’s unbeaten streak, anything and everything could happen.

The graphic that showed up the Titantron last Monday night ,and given  the direction of the Bray Wyatt John Cena feud, WWE continues to lead me to ponder one thing. The one thing much like the Undertaker streak that people say would never happen….Could they turn John Cena into a heel character.

Wyatt Family

Cena’s “measuring stick” promo on the Smackdown after WrestleMania might be used to justify Cena’s role as he feuds in a long-term program with Bray Wyatt, but what about after the feud. Will Cena be brought into another program where he helps to elevate another rising star by putting him over.

John Cena

Even Cena would be helped by extending the interest of his character by evolving his persona and keeping him relevant. From Thuganomics to his first run as World Champion, his persona, music and catch phrases have not changed.

How many more times can WWE crank out more colorful t-shirts, arm bands and hats of this charismatic babyface. Either Cena is content being the lifetime future hall of famer putting over future stars for the remainder of his career or extend his career as a main eventer by shocking the WWE Universe.

Tired of the dueling chants, the criticism, the taunting, Cena finally takes hold of that vile negativity by the IWC and choose to go the darkside, replacing merchandise sales with big money main event feuds.

As we always hear in wrestling ,now more than ever, never say never.-KOP