If Brock Lesnar Wins At SummerSlam? How About Make the Intercontinental Title Matter Again

Brock Lesnar

If Brock Lesnar Wins At SummerSlam (or in this writer’s opinion when Brock Lesnar becomes the new WWE World Heayweight Champion), a good opportunity exists for WWE once their heavyweight championship belt goes around the waist of a part timer.

Oh yeah, there’s that other championship that hasn’t really mattered in years….the intercontinental title?…. yeah that’s it. During a recent Ross Report interview, Jim Ross made this exact recommendation, only I think they should follow with the heavyweight title rout and unify the United States title.

These days, the old school mentality of winning a midcard title en route to winning the heavyweight title. I think the IC and US belts should be unified and WWE should, believe it or not, take a page from TNA.

Before I explain my idea, let’s look at the recent history of the belt. Since WrestleMania 29, the IC Title has been given a bit more spotlight. Curtis Axel and Big E had the belt throughout the second half of 2013 into 2014 solely to give each midcarder a push that went nowhere. Then there was the 8-man tournament to determine a new #1 contender with Bad News Barrett winning the strap at Extreme Rules in May. Then following Barrett vacating the belt due to injury was the Battleground Battle Royal, which was notably the semi main event to that PPV. Now, you have former world champions in current champion The Miz (who’s enjoying a newly refreshed gimmick) and fan favorite Dolph Ziggler at Summerslam.

Now my idea is not much of a stretch to how TNA’s X Division was treated back when AJ Styles and Samoa Joe were bigger stars that the World Champion at that time, whether it was Jeff Jarrett or someone else.

“It is not about weight limits, it is about no limits”. That is what TNA made a point of saying when they tried t run with the slogan “Where Wrestling Matters”.  Don’t worry about building super-creative storylines, but let your wrestlers tell some good stories in the ring and give them some real time to showcase their skills.

Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, Rob Van Dam, Ryback, Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas, Big E and Kofi Kingston should all play a role into a much more focused IC Title picture. Add Rusev, Jack Swagger and a soon-to-return Bad New Barrett and you could honestly put together TV segments, house show matches and PPV title matches that WWE could really make into something while the World Heavyweight Title take less of a constant focus on every bit of WWE programming.

Take another phrase from Paul Heyman, accentuate the positives (showcase and elevate a Unified Intercontinental Title), and hide the negatives (a part-time Lesnar as champion who will be most likely be absent 3 out of every 4 Raws a month.)-KOP