If Brock Lesnar Wants to Bail, There Goes That Short-Term Top Babyface Plan

Brock Lesnar

During the ongoing debate of the premature championship push of Roman Reigns (which I believe many agree with the premature part), I was amused by the short term option that some of those that host wrestling podcasts had of turning Roman Reigns heel at Wrestlemania while turning Brock Lesnar into the top babyface of the company.

I made my argument of not investing into Brock Lesnar into the future, as well as why I thought Roman Reigns should not turn heel and stay the course with his main event push, but not necessarily a championship push.

But after the recent walk out on of his Monday night Raw appearance, for whatever reason, again proves my point that I have made time and time again about investing in part time talent.

There are a lot of armchair wrestling promoters that think appeasing Brock Lesnar and his bank account for the next year or two with a contract similar to what he has had for the last two years would be a great short-term fix to finding a new top babyface of the company while giving Roman Reigns another year of main event grooming.

For a promotion that is working on cost cutting and avoiding another year of big losses with the WWE Network, WWE should continue to work with their current investment of prospective main event talent in Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins this Wrestlemania season and beyond.

The best long-term plan I could see WWE for Brock Lesnar is to have him commit to a couple of pay days per year in Wrestlemania and Summerslam as a featured attraction. The fans see him as that already and keeping him from being overexposed is a safer and cost-efficient investment.-KOP