How Would You Book Roman Reigns After Wrestlemania?


It is only fair after asking you all to get into fantasy booking mode and see how you would like Brock Lesnar to be used, so let’s talk about some post-Wrestlemania forecasting for Roman Reigns.

I can totally justify Roman Reigns championship push, but unlike the Daniel Bryan push last year, there is simply no reason why he needs to become a champion.


When Daniel Bryan was given that Wrestlemania push last year it was the right call to have Daniel Bryan make it to the promised land and become champion. With how over he is and all of the great matches and feuds he has given fans he deserved to win the championship and get his well-deserved Wrestlemania moment.

If Roman Reigns is being booked to go over Brock Lesnar, he should only get the pinfall on Lesnar at the most. Beating Lesnar would do a lot to catapult Roman Reigns as a cemented superstar. He would do something John Cena had been able to do in his last three encounters. He would beat the man that broke the Undertaker’s prestigious winning streak. Those accomplishments would make for a great start to become the groomed predecessor to join John Cena at his main event pedestal. A feud with Seth Rollins as a new champion would be a solid program after Mania, or spinning him off to Rusev or Bray Wyatt would be sufficient. As for the victory, I think the Roman Reigns character will overcome the resistant backlash of the IWC, but if he became champion he would probably be eternally hated.


Now, let’s get to the big elephant in the room that the bulk of the irate Bryan-supporting fans would prefer. You have probably heard the proposed double turn with Lesnar retaining and going full babyface, while Paul Heyman would attempt to screw Lesnar, and making a new alliance with a new client. This idea completely goes against what WWE is trying to do with Reigns. Not to mention, WWE is trying to build future full-time stars. Do you really want another year where your heavyweight champion is absent for a good part of the offseason again? Finally, the answer to building a young star does not always have to be to make a heel.

I believe that Roman Reigns is gaining momentum and he is start to win over the bulk of the fans and even some of the IWC like myself. I would like to see him either have a great showing or victory, but no matter what he needs to be chasing the championship… say for another year or two. -KOP

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