How Would You Book Brock Lesnar After Wrestlemania?

Brock Lesnar

With Brock Lesnar agreeing to another long-term, yet part-time, commitment with the WWE, some of the wrestling community has found relief that the baddest wrestler on the planet will not pursue a UFC return.

But now that that lingering question has been answered, Brock Lesnar could be booked this Sunday to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. That decision is totally justified in my eyes, but how do you attempt to book around this part-time main eventer for the good of the WWE during their offseason.

First is the question of who would be possibly be in line to become a legitimate number 1 contender. With the de-push to the IC Title picture, you can remove Daniel Bryan from the IWCs dream list.

Some would argue Randy Orton or WWE could choose to let John Cena a reprieve back to the championship picture. Hypothetically, I think Roman Reigns needs to be put into other main event feuds with the likes of Rusev and Seth Rollins, only if he does not win the Wrestlemania 31 main event.

Note: On the Wrestling is Real podcast, I have predicted Reigns to score the pinfall only to lose the belt due to a Money in the Bank cash-in by Rollins.


The other issue to ponder is if fans really want the Reddit leaked proposal of John Cena and Daniel Bryan winning their respective matches therefore elevating the WWE United States and Intercontinental championships respectively.

Brock retaining the title at Wrestlemania would be a short-term thrill, but I think WWE will fall back into the same win-lose situation that we dealt with last offseason, with the exception that Daniel Bryan will be healthy this offseason.

Anyway, I open the floor to ask how all of you fantasy bookers would look at both sides of my argument, or take to your own booking scenario. -KOP




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