How Are TNA’s Plans For New York City Coming Along

PWMania reports that everything from the return of the six-sided ring to possible returns by Low Ki aka Kaval and Homicide to the reunions  of the the Dudleys aka Team 3D and the Hardys to even an appearance for old school fans by the Great Muta are in the plans for TNA’s trek into the Big Apple next week.

I don’t see how TNA will not be able to fill the Manhattan Center with a setup that will hold 800 people for three different  nights. You have to think there are enough TNA keyboard warrior critics that will want to see a possible trainwreck, meanwhile we might see some of the most electric wrestling TNA has showcased in years.

Based on how the live Bethlehem, Pennsylvania broadcast tonight, which is promoting the return of ECW legend Tommy Dreamer and TNA knockout Taryn Terrell, TNA is being forced to produce a better product we will see some direction on what we can expect from TNA in New York City.

In this post, I wanted to fill everyone on the plans, but I also want to make a comment to TNA. Yes, do what you have to do to put on a good set of show to the Spike TV Brass, but after those shows are done, you need to get back to building the stars that your company must rely on for the future.

Magnus, Gunner and EC3 need to be prominently pushed during the Bound For Glory series starting in August. It’s time to take guys like, MVP, Bully Ray, Bobby Lashley, Samoa Joe and Mr. Anderson and place them into the BFG series to help get the younger talent mentioned a much needed rub. Magnus needs to get rehabilitated from the strong push he got last year. Somehow, TNA needs to find a way to make some star power out of the talent they have.

It’s also not a bad thing to re-build the tag team with some familiar tag teams (Beermoney, Hardys, Team 3D, LAX cuz why not put Homicide and Hernandez back together.)

Same with the X-Division where Senada and Tigre Uno are challenged by the likes of Austin Aries, Kenny King and the Wolves.

Hate or love TNA, it’s make it or say hello to the new #2 company, Ring of Honor and hope they get a better tv deal. -KOP