Has WWE Network Taken Away all the Excitement Raw and SmackDown Once Had?


While RAW and Smackdown will drag along our faint interest of Seth Rollins vs. Kane for the World Title and the (non-existent)rubber match buildup of Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker for the next 30 hours of television, let’s look at what WWE Network is offering us.

Let’s see…. there is the October 3rd Live Show from Madison Square Garden, NXT (and the buildup to NXT Takeover: Respect), a Stone Cold Podcast with a featured interview with Brock Lesnar),  the Legends with JBL series (beginning with an interview with Eric Bischoff) and finally, the Hell In a Cell event. That’s roughly 15 hours of programming that we pay for to be entertained.

So, is WWE showing us that they only care about catering their base following of fans? Instead of bringing in new fans to their network (and into wrestling in general…or bring them back into wrestling) by way of the much larger pool of fans that tune into Raw and Smackdown every week?

Tell me what makes WWE’s current programming strategy logical? Just asking. -KOP