Grading The Top Four Wrestlemania 31 Storylines

Wrestlemania 31

Its almost three weeks until Wrestlemania, and WWE has two more episodes of RAW and basically one episode of Smackdown (because the last Thursday before Wrestlemania will be fluff from Axxess with one or two irrelevant matches) remaining to build all of the storylines to an exciting conclusion of feuds culminating in Santa Clara, California on March 29th. Where do the top 4 matches (or at least what I think are the top 4 matches) grade out according to yours truly.

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WWE Heavyweight Championship: Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns: B-

The absence of Brock Lesnar confronting Roman Reigns is a handicap to helping Roman Reigns’ push to be a credible opponent. Keeping Roman brief on promos and showcase his physicality and ass-kicking dominance overcoming attacks by the Authority. Paul Heyman has done a great job putting over Roman Reigns but only having more than just one face to face standoff would have helped a great deal, but what might negatively overshadow  this match will be the status of Lesnar’s contract.


Triple H vs. Sting: C

Why did Hunter have to utter the letters WCW?  As an avid watcher of Nitro and Raw back in the late 90s, I  think the inclusion of Sting’s allegiance of WCW to the end without showing more footage of Sting to offer an informative extra layer of this feud is confusing to younger fans and simply unnecessary. What has worked so far is has been the Survivor Series run in and the face to face confrontation at Fastlane. Hunter could have simply stuck with the vigilante tag and simply refer to Sting as one of the last standing soldiers of the Monday Night War.


United States Championship: John Cena vs. Rusev: A-

John Cena has been given some great back-to-back Wrestlemania feuds with some very promising future main event superstars: Bray Wyatt and now, Rusev. My only negatives was the way the feud started backstage after the Rumble and WWE giving us a premature first match at Fastlane. But, I do like how they dangling the proverbial carrot in front of John Cena from getting a rematch in order to bring his ruthless aggression to a boil. Rusev and Lana have been near flawless in their role talking all big and tough while chickening away from Cena. The focus on the US Championship should have been downplayed in order to talk about the real redeeming thing that John Cena will get from Rusev, giving this Russian monster his first loss by pinfall or submission.



Bray Wyatt vs. The Undertaker: A


Find Me! Rise Dead Man! Bray Wyatt is in his promo-laden playground. Without the need of a sign or a signal or an appearance by Taker, Wyatt has been quietly carrying the lead to the build of a match that no one could have expected to happen after the streak was broken. But God bless Taker for wanting to come back into the ring. Win or lose, Wyatt will be made at Wrestlemania with the rare opportunity to live up to the legacy for one of the greatest wrestling characters to have ever been created.  -KOP