First Events, Now Championships! Is WWE Infringing Too Much on Ring of Honor?









In a situation where TNA would normally be guilty of copying a popular gimmick in WWE, the tables have turned. Ring of Honor is now in sight of WWE and they are doing a little too much to “bully” (and I say that lightheartedly) around the smaller promotion.

Ring of Honor, though guilty in their own right like lots of smaller promotions for staging big live events adjacents to WWE Pay per view events, is now getting threatened to a point by some moves WWE has done as of late to hurt arguably the second biggest promotion in the US.

Fighting over live events and PPVs in the same city are one thing, but now how about something a little more concrete offering evidence of WWE infringing upon Ring of Honor is the set up of two matches at WWE’s Night of Champions and ECW All Star Extravaganza coming up in 3 weeks of this blog post.

There is an ultimate way to not have to mirror main event storylines. You would think WWE and their 30-person creative staff could come up with something more genuine and original ( at this point in time because I’m sure this angle has been done before in wrestling) vs. one match in Ring of Honor, Delirious.

Though I am pleased to see Seth Rollins and Jay Lethal equally getting their just due, I would love to know which gimmick will be better played out later this month. -KOP