Ethan Carter III: TNA Champion at the Worst Time in TNA History


Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Trouble…..Ironic that the opening chant of Ethan Carter III’s entrance music resonates the real situation of a very troubled TNA wrestling promotion.

Carter is only three months into his well-deserved title reign following a tremendous 2-year run as the top heel in the company still boasting an undefeated streak. Carter is the biggest star TNA has ever made and is arguably the best TNA World Heavyweight Champion behind only Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy.


It’s an anomaly that a company like TNA was able to bank on a thrown away WWE Superstar wannabe who showed signs of something special alongside Maxine during the reality era of NXT.

Its sad to see that while Ethan ran through a lot of quality opponents to get to the gold, but now given the talent exodus and the indy-rific replenishment from Global Force Wrestling, Carter is left to take on the like of recycled WWE Superstars like P.J. Black and Drew Galloway.

Hopefully, Ethan Carter can close the final chapter of TNA history (which I predict will be Bound For Glory) and start a new chapter with a promotion that will also see him for the champion that he is… a champion that fans care about… in a promotion that they could care less about.

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