Dusty Rhodes : An American Dream and A Pillar of Pro Wrestling Passes.


Hard Times have befallen the Runnels family as one of arguably the biggest babyfaces in professional wrestling put up his boots for good. Sons Cody and Dustin surely must be suffering over the loss of the “son of a plumber” whom they followed in his large footsteps into the squared circle some 40 plus years ago.

As for Big Dust, he leaves us a lot of memorable matches, but more importantly to many wrestling fans was the voice that gave us so many great promos that is now silenced.  Who doesn’t try to do their own Dusty impersonation complete with the lisp and an occasional “if you will”.

That’s all I got to say about Dusty Rhodes. He will be missed greatly. His work with the NXT talent will be irreplaceable. Finally, if you have never tried to understand why Dusty Rhodes was so talented a wrestler like I thought, just watch the Hard Times promo below. -KOP