Dolph Ziggler: “Stealing the Show” Has a WWE Main Event Plateau

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler has had a rollercoaster career in WWE. He’s coming up on 10 years on the main roster. From the sidekick to Chavo Guerrero’s golfer gimmick to the Sprit Squad to the “Hi I’m” start of his in-ring persona. After 2 years of mid-card mediocrity in the new gimmick, Ziggler found championship gold in 2010. The same type of gold he was holding 4 years ago.

Dolph Ziggler

Now on to my point, WWE has kept Dolph Ziggler under the glass ceiling, and WWE has continued to stay the course with him during every off-season (please refer to my previous post about my definition of WWE’s offseason). Even with the casual fan’s short attention span, they forget how many starts and stops he has had in his career, and how those stops always land around WrestleMania time.

Remember the last Raw of the year three years ago (2011) when Ziggler beat then WWE Champion CM Punk in 2 non-title matches (yes with the help of Big Johnny), only to lose to CM Punk at the 2012 Royal Rumble in a title match. He was even in that year’s Elimination Chamber. What happened then? Ziggler gets injured and gets paired with Jack Swagger.

It wasn’t till another year and a half later that Ziggler was back in some significant spot toward another title shot by winning the Money in the Bank briefcase. Ziggler’s briefcase is overshadowed when he spent 50 minutes at the Royal Rumble and then a tag team championship match while saddled along Big E. Langston.

The highest moment for Dolph Ziggler (and likely the highest moment he will ever have in his WWE career) was April 8th, 2013 the briefcase cash-in and the World Heavyweight Championship.

Now that the old World Heavyweight title has been retired (not the WWE WHC that Brock Lesnar holds), I don’t ever foresee WWE ever looking at Dolph’s direction for the main event title ever again. He’s currently 5th on the babyface roster in my opinion behind John Cena, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan and arguably Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose.

Dolph Ziggler

Hey, at least he is in the Intercontinental Champion for now, and though he might not ever close a show, at least he can steal the show.-KOP