Could John Cena and Daniel Bryan Become OffSeason Pawns If Brock Lesnar Stays?

Brock Lesnar

So word is that Brock Lesnar will sign a new deal with WWE and stay with the company, according to a new message from the infamous source leaking Reddit user MetsFan4Ever. That is the good news, but it’s the other speculation he points out is something that is not so good.

Quoting from a article:

“The idea would be for Lesnar to continue to make limited television appearances while holding the title. WWE would also elevate the U.S. and Intercontinental titles at WrestleMania by putting them on John Cena and Daniel Bryan, respectively. Those titles would headline house shows and pay-per-views where Lesnar is not scheduled.”

Last year, I took to this blog and stress the need to elevate the Intercontinental title to help the WWE Universe overlook an abnormally absent World Heavyweight Champion. But it it time to unify the IC and US titles, which I think would really make fans believe the belt would mean something more that an Hot Potato-ed prop.


Now, if the rumor holds true, I would hope that WWE would consider my idea. Cena vs. Bryan win their respective Wrestlemania matches along with the belts and they go at each other in a historical unification match where the winner becomes the newly merged Intercontinental Champion.

Who wouldn’t put it past John Cena. Do we all remember how Daniel Bryan kept getting all of his title opportunities the last 2 years?-KOP

P.S. This is still a rumor, but given the track record of MetsFan4Ever , I thought it warranted a response.