CM Punk: Chooses Foregoing Wrestling than Being Forgotten in WrestleMania XXX Card

As soon as I got news of CM Punk not only being put in a Main Event at Wrestlemania, but leaving period , my feeling was , this is not “What’s Best For Business “


How are you going to take away a main eventer like CM Punk , I’m asking you WWE? CM Punk has without a doubt put on some terrific matches , we can never forget The Best Vs The Beast or his epic match withThe Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29 .


Top it all off with his 434 day title reign as The WWE Champion . I have been a CM Punk Fan for a long time and I would hate to see such talent go to waste, this is just unacceptable. WWE, make this right and put CM Punk back in the main event of Wrestlemania 30. I am after all part of the WWE universe , I am confident that there are also others like me that would agree with me .


CM Punk is born to be a main eventer , here is the same guy who came up with ” The Pipe Bomb ” , who gives it his all each and every time that he competes in that WWE ring. Same guy who has also put together some really good rivalries with Brock , Undertake, Orton , Batista, Cena, Del Rio, The Wyatt Family (With Daniel Bryan ) , The Rock , Ryback and Paul Heyman , Chris Jericho , Kane . Whether he is a heel or face doesn’t make a difference, I could go down the list all day if I wanted to . CM Punk is simply ” What’s Best For Business ” .

If you put CM Punk to go up against Batista for The WWE World Heavyweight Championship, that match could definitely be a memorable one .