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WWE Survivor Series Stretches NXT Nuance Thin

WWE Survivor Series Stretches the Nuance of NXT thin. Plus, how CM Punk, Tony Khan and Randy Orton tore wrestling Twitter apart.

WWE Survivor Series

I posted this message on Twitter prior to this week’s show..

As a fencesitter with no allegiance to either #WWE or #AEW. The Khan-Orton back and forth only shows me…

The worse WWE is doing to get their ship back on course, the more the WWE loyalists are happy to pile on and smear on at any opportunity left open by their competition.

Right now WWE does get me to look up at my TV when they start a big angle like the NXT invasion the night after Crown Jewel. But they constantly muff on the follow-through.

#WWE has created this corporate Utopia where wrestlers are living inside of an Olympic village with lots of talented athletes dating each other. But everything is for the team and there cannot be one star above the bunch.

Even booking, lazy storytelling, and one-dimensional character development is destroying day after day the legacy of what all the fans honor and cherish. That’s exactly why the WWE die-hards are so willing to pile on any other company that seeks to compete for WWEs audience.

Plus, WWE’s Inability To Create New Stars Is Haunting The Company and How WWE locker room has been turned into an Olympic village, and how it has hurt the promotion.

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WWE Summerslam Delivers Feud Starters, Squashes and Title Switches

WWE Summerslam Delivers Feud Starters, Squashes and Title Switches such as those by Ronda Rousey, Charlotte, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns who take home gold.


We also get some feuds officially started in AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe and Daniel Bryan vs. the Miz which end with plunder and a reason to continue.

KOP runs through what we got out of Summerslam as well as review and recap NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 4.

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WWE Creative on Auto-Pilot; Paige and Her Courageous Comeback

WWE Creative on auto-pilot with WrestleMania season in waiting, plus Paige shares her courageous comeback story.


KOP does a sample recap of the state of both show in off-season mode. Plus Impact Wrestling goes full Canadian, we preview Clash of Champions and KOP follows up on how much money WWE is making.

**NOTE**I ran out of time to record to go over part 2 of the 2017 Year in Review, plus discuss more Clash of Champions and ROH Final Battle so look for an additional episode later this week.

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