#CancelWWENetwork: What a Great Idea to Support Our Guy Daniel Bryan


“Thanks to all of you for your support, not just last night but for years. You guys are the best, and I am truly the luckiest man alive.”

Daniel Bryan wrote that to his fans on Twitter Monday, and how did his fans support him after his Royal Rumble elimination Sunday night… how did his fans support him and justify that he deserves to be in the main event of Wrestlemania. (Some of you, but not all of you)

1. Go to Twitter and voice that you have pseudo-cancelled your WWE Network subscription, using a unidentifiable screenshot, making sure their posts are trending for #CancelWWENetwork. Notice the pic below.


2. Daniel Bryan fans that attended the Royal Rumble event in Philadelphia blocked WWE Superstars from leaving the arena.

3. You think that making the WWE website crash (pre-remptive or otherwise) and getting honorable publications like Time magazine to report on it.

Yeah, WWE sees that overwhelming yet viral minority of “support” as the reason Daniel Bryan is sure to be guaranteed a chance at the WWE World Heavyweight Title in a “triple threat” yet again at the main event of Wrestlemania because of your support of Daniel Bryan. It’s not because you buy his t-shirts until they sell out, show up in droves and sell out WWE events and boo the Authority and start up Yes chants at every opportunity. Of course not, this year the minority of “vocal ” Daniel Bryan fans had a better plan.

Let me finish this post by making sure you read Daniel Bryan’s Twitter post appreciating the “devoted” support you gave him at the Royal Rumble.

You guys are the best, and I am truly the luckiest man alive.” -KOP