Brock Lesnar…Beast Incarnate ?

Okay let’s start with the facts here , Paul Heyman says that “Brock Lesnar” is a beast incarnate , come on people . Brock not only cheated in a match once with CM Punk , but now twice with the Big Show and you expect me to believe that he is a beast

Brock Lesnar

.Give me a break , firstly he always has Paul Heyman in his corner to do whatever sleazy deed it takes for Brock to continue to be a bad ass . It has the opposite effect in my respected opinion, it sinks Brock to a weak level .

Brock Lesnar

From the match that Brock had with CM Punk it was starting out fine , but just when CM Punk was closing in on a victory , again Paul Heyman steps in to help Brock out and that’s why Brock gets the best of CM Punk and gets the win . The finale of that match was irritating , how can you call Brock a beast incarnate any more ?

Brock Lesnar

Likewise with the match we just had with The Big Show Vs Brock Lesnar , I know I was at a loss for words for awhile when Brock cowardly gets a steel chair from Paul Heyman and starts beating the hell out of The Big Show with it . It is just plain pathetic when Brock needs a steel chair – as a crutch to beat the Big Show , why ? Well because obviously Brock knows that he cannot go one on one like a man to take out the Big Show.

Good nickname for Brock – ” The Bitch Incarnate ” , this shows that Brock is no beast , come on . I do understand that they want Brock to still be a legitimate top player and that the WWE considers The Big Show , let’s put it lightly not to be taken so seriously which is sad . Can’t deny I’m a Big Show fan as well as a John Cena #1 fan.

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