Billy Corgan is Not The Savior of TNA, But He Does Have Some Good Ideas


During a conference call with reporters, New TNA senior producer Billy Corgan spoke about

How he wants to bring TNA wrestling to the mainstream because “It doesn’t always get its due in American culture.”

He said he will “work around the clock to change the wrestling product, particularly as it pertains to television, working on what I’m hoping will be a developmental system,”

Billy Corgan is a die-hard wrestling fan like you and me, but he actually has some wrestling background.  Believe it or not, he is more than just the front man of an iconic trend-setting rock group.


Dixie Carter’s hire of the Smashing Pumpkins lead singer actually might be a smart hire if you lay out what his aspirations are for joining the company. He actually has some good ideas, but having ideas and implementing them are another story.

Now, at this point of my post I stopped writing because i wanted to see what came of the Live May 8th Impact Wrestling episode.  So far it looks like he is making an immediate impact with the focus of the knockouts. Gail Kim and Awesome Kong vs. The Dollhouse and the Velvet Sky/Angelina Love felt like they had been infused with his input.


Billy Corgan doesn’t need to overhaul and reset all of the storylines.  When it comes to the current state of the product, the most interesting feud TNA has right now involves some of James Storm’s best work to date versus Magnus involving Mickie James. Billy can leavethat story alone.

Otherwise, Bully Ray’s return will help the main event program.  Rising vs the Beat Down Clan is just okay. The Best of 5 tag team series with The Wolves and The Dirty Heels will be pure fun. Those stories could be where Corgan could offer some creative help. Plus,  developing new stars whether new or recreating new gimmicks for tired gimmicks will be where TNA needs the most help. 

Good luck Billy Corgan I say. At least you got me interested to watch for something new in TNA. I’d recommend the IWC to cut Billy a little slack. I’ll give you till Bound For Glory to judge. -KOP






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