Batista Bombed (As In the Return)

What a better last night to re-introduce Batista back to the WWE after a 4-year hiatus with a 10-minute coma-inducing, watching paint dry promo segment with Randy Orton and the Authority.

Oh, and what a predictable way to feed Alberto Del Rio to Batista so he could easily blow off this stupid nothing feud that makes Del Rio less of an aristocrat and more like a migrant worker.

WWE Creative, during Wrestlemania season, is obviously unable to take a gamble on doing anything new or exciting with any storyline. I feel like these people are all “Yes Sir and Yes Ma’am in the writing room and don’t have the grapefruits  to question the desires of upper management.

So now we have two part-timers in Brock Lesnar and Batista who are solely back to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion, while we are bored to death to see Cena and Orton in a plain old rematch (yawn).

Meanwhile, Daniel Bryan is THE GUY the WWE Universe wants in the title picture, but no, beating up Bray Wyatt in a steel cage last week wasn’t enough. Let’s do a match, as we hope Bryan will also be a surprise entrant for the Rumble.

Yup, Wrestlemania Season. Part Time Returning Wrestlers. Half-ass written storylines. Tell me again why I should be excited? -KOP