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Could John Cena and Daniel Bryan Become OffSeason Pawns If Brock Lesnar Stays?

Brock Lesnar

So word is that Brock Lesnar will sign a new deal with WWE and stay with the company, according to a new message from the infamous source leaking Reddit user MetsFan4Ever. That is the good news, but it’s the other speculation he points out is something that is not so good.

Quoting from a article:

“The idea would be for Lesnar to continue to make limited television appearances while holding the title. WWE would also elevate the U.S. and Intercontinental titles at WrestleMania by putting them on John Cena and Daniel Bryan, respectively. Those titles would headline house shows and pay-per-views where Lesnar is not scheduled.”

Last year, I took to this blog and stress the need to elevate the Intercontinental title to help the WWE Universe overlook an abnormally absent World Heavyweight Champion. But it it time to unify the IC and US titles, which I think would really make fans believe the belt would mean something more that an Hot Potato-ed prop.


Now, if the rumor holds true, I would hope that WWE would consider my idea. Cena vs. Bryan win their respective Wrestlemania matches along with the belts and they go at each other in a historical unification match where the winner becomes the newly merged Intercontinental Champion.

Who wouldn’t put it past John Cena. Do we all remember how Daniel Bryan kept getting all of his title opportunities the last 2 years?-KOP

P.S. This is still a rumor, but given the track record of MetsFan4Ever , I thought it warranted a response.

IWC: Wrestlemania Will Be OK, At Least The Matches Should Be


There is an obvious negative buzz surrounding the buildup of Wrestlemania 31, and I’m agreement with everyone else on that negative buzz.

Only thing is I am not so critical. That’s because I’m a wrestling fan that likes all different kinds of wrestling promotions that can appreciate the art of a great match. That’s how wrestling fans like can watch TNA and WCW matches for years on a curve, with little to no stories to real Vince Russo stamp of approval type crap.

Like I say on my podcast, half the job of making Wrestlemania good is at least putting together some good matches. The IC Title Ladder match, Orton vs. Rollins, Cena vs. Rusev, and whatever tag team match they put together should help making the four-hour event easier to get through.

Don’t expect miracles with the last two RAWs (or that last Smackdown that we can expect some storyline progession) before Wrestlemania. I’m going into the event glass half full, or the same way as saying most of the matches should be pretty good.

After that, I don’t personally need the storylines or buildup to be flawless, but I’d be more concerned abut the outcomes of the matches. Like personally booking the main event to be booked where Roman Reigns gets the win over Lesnar, only to have the title taken away by a Money in the Bank cash- in (at Wrestlemania, not on the Raw after) by Seth Rollins. I call that making two new main event guys coronating a new predecessor to John Cena while keeping the rabid and vocal IWC happy. Book it!-KOP

Wrestlemania Talk Should Be More Than Just a Half-Assed Raw Recap


Some unnamed wrestling podcast hosts say, “Lets talk about RAW.” or “Did you watch RAW tonight (or this week or Monday)?” Their co-host usually say anything from  “I DVRed it” to “I caught the last hour” to “No, I missed it.”.

I really do appreciate the contributions to the IWC from those wrestling podcasts  that entertain us with great stories, insightful analysis and colorful commentary.

But, there are some shows that, whether you like or not, are hosted by wrestling fans just like us that are very negative, misinformed and incapable of offering constructive criticism to the top wrestling promotion that is set to present their biggest event of the year later this month.

I don’t want to bury any one wrestling podcast out there, but when certain shows contribute to the vile and hate hatred and apathy that curbs smart wrestling fans to lose interest in wrestling. That unwarranted negativity sends a subliminal message to fans that will curb their opinions of fans to cheer or boo who you like just to be cool, or worse create something viral online to get attention but leave unintentional  consequences (google or search twitter for #cancelwwenetwork).

I implore my fellow wrestling podcast brethren, whom i respect for all their efforts, to:

  • Practice more a little more due diligence.
  • Offer an open forum to debate those who disagree with your opinion. Maybe play the devils advocate and try to justify why the WWE makes any creative or booking decisions before just taking a dump on it.
  • And maybe watch more than just a little bit of RAW so you can have an informed opinion.

For those of you wrestling podcasters that encounter this post, I hope you realize that I offer this constructive criticism of my own for the good of wrestling fans. I practice this on my wrestling podcast, and I only ask that you consider it as well.

Thanks for entertaining me with every episode I download. -KOP