A Plea to Smart Wrestling Fans! Stop Getting Subjected to Short-Sighted Wrestlemania Commentary


Much like how football fans are prone to playing the proverbial role of armchair quarterbacking. Its so prevalent during Wrestlemania season, and no matter how bad the buildup to Wrestlemania can be, fantasy booking for the here and now is all the IWC can ever talk about and then the off-season comes along and the chatter fades away.


Many wrestling fans reminisce about the excitement of the Monday Night Wars not just because of all of the unpredictability, but that we paid attention to wrestling year-round.  The competition of those days fostered more a lot wrestling fans that loved to watch wrestling every week and therefore share that same kind of armchair analysis and fantasy booking.

But now, the bulk of wrestling fans gripe and complain about what’s wrong with the current state of wrestling , and all of those people that write about wrestling or talk about on podcasts, talk about how they in short want a quick fix to the situation because they are unhappy that “their” Wrestlemania experience is going to be ruined this year.

I only wish that those same smart wrestling fans, whom I have the utmost respect for their opinion , would for once see that we as wrestling fans cannot be so selfish and that maybe we need to look at the big picture so that wrestling has a better future.


Before Wrestlemania season comes to an end, all i ask the wrestling community to do is keep in mind of a couple of things.

  1. Regardless of how you like or don’t like the push of Roman Reigns, or the possible outcome of the Wrestlemania main event.  I think WWE is hoping to make bigger stars out of Reigns as well as Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt and Rusev this year.
  2. If WWE chooses to go forward about what they think is in their best interests,  it would probably be easier to stand behind some of these new stars. The bottom line is we still need some new stars in the main event, so maybe we can get behind some of these guys and put our resentment aside for a couple of weeks.
  3. It’s a cold hard fact WWE is going to make their money during Wrestlemania season whether we like it or not.
  4. The only way WWE will pay attention to how upset we are about all of the wrestlers we want to see succeed (or vent our frustrations the overall direction of the product) is by getting even louder at every live event DURING THE OFFSEASON and not rely on on the crowds in Chicago, New York and Philadelphia to the be the only fans to make our voices heard.  It’s time to create a movement that involves us maybe getting some of our old wrestling fans that have fallen out of interest to get interested again, maybe buying merchandise for the wrestlers we support, and then maybe stop all of the fantasy booking talk for next year’s Wrestlemania until… next year. More money and more social buzz are some of the few things that a company like WWE will pay attention to.

Why did i go on this rant? Ask yourself this, where has #CancelWWENetwork, armchair booking, CM Punk chants, and other attempts at boycotting, sabotaging or giving up on the WWE product gotten us. -KOP



By KingOfPodcasts

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